It was only in college when I finally  appreciated Arabian Nights, like I said many times over my book blog, I’m not too fond of reading before…ok, maybe literature in general. But during our World History class and my professor had us watched a movie about it did I realize how amazing and powerful the story was.

Oh yeah, this post is about Magi: The Labyrinth of Magiマギ」. It’s safe to say without me verifying that this series is heavily inspired by it. From the characters names: Aladdin, Alibaba, Sinbad, it’s very apparent don’t you think? But, But! This series was so good. Freaking good! It’s one of the series that was highly rec’d by my sister. Ok, so I found the beginning really slow. I particular didn’t like Balbadd arc, most especially Kassim. I don’t know, something about him that rubs me the wrong way. I know he was just confused, hurt or whatever and he did help Alibaba afterwards but…gaaah, he’s just too…easy to dislike.

The second season played me at the palm of its hand. I freaking loved the second season. So many things happened in it. Jampacked?! I couldn’t properly phrase my sentiments in a clever manner so the word ‘awesome’ will do. Magnostadt arc was my favorite. Aladdin getting his powers developed, the key players gathered in one place and tinsy bit of the past arc (this is a series which is not afraid to show the past even though it was taboo. What can you say about that Sorachi? *coughs*). But man seeing them in full djin equip made me fangirl hard and might have done some mental cartwheel!! It was freaking BADASS. Yes, all caps because there was a need to emphasize the epicness of the moment that has happened in the arc.

I’m up to date with the manga. The past arc was transitioned quite slowly but things are heating up. And while I do like it, I was hoping to see Aladdin et al sooner.