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I’m not a travel enthusiast per se but I’m beginning...


I’m not a travel enthusiast per se but I’m beginning to understand the appeal—on why people hop the earliest flight & travel around the globe. Despite my extreme motion sickness (as per my sister’s words “I’m very troublesome person to travel with,”) I don’t mind powering through just to get to my next destination and live other people’s culture, momentarily.

I’m not from well-to-do family so traveling takes some time and some saving: our ways to make our trip happen. My sister planned for our Malaysia getaway (which I’m very thankful for) and we went there last week. Malaysia is almost like Philippines except cleaner and less crowded. I like breezing through streets without bumping to nearly every person. It was great sight to behold. Manila is crazy busy. Kuala Lumpur is, too, but there were still space to groove around. And this is what I hope Manila could be. I said this every time I see some other cities; I’m kinda sad that my birthplace (Manila, I’m Manileñio through and through) isn’t like that. I’m still hoping that changes will come around—sooner than later.


Now back to our trip, KL is like Makati or Bonifacio Glabal City in PH: tons of buildings, clean alleys, and wide roads. It only took us an hour or so from KLIA to our hotel even though it is approximately 57 KM (located in Bukit Bintang). There’s no traffic—at least the crazy ones we have here. Honestly, I was simultaneously amazed and envious because how similar Malaysia is to PH but the progress is apparent. Wishful thinking on my part again.


We didn’t get outside of Kuala Lumpur (I should’ve named it #MitchiisKLescapades instead), we visited the most popular tourist spots there like Batu Caves (their train system was pretty simple, riding local transportation was fun!); I didn’t climb the 297 steps because I didn’t think that was practical, haha (I get tired easily). But my two sisters did and they said there were some caves upstairs. Wearing shorts is prohibited if you’re planning to climb (I was donning a jumper type so yeah…). But don’t fret malong is available to rent/buy for MYR 5. We also went to Merdeka Square which was stunning, the architecture of the buildings were really detailed and very beautiful. It kinda reminded me of our very own Intramuros, significant place in the heart of a bustling city. Then Thean Hou Temple, where there were several Chinese couples getting married. Of course famous landmarks like KL Tower (just briefly glanced at it though) and Petronas Tower were part of our itinerary. I love how assertive their tourism there, I mean free bus to popular places! Woot~! Then we bought our pasalubong (is a Filipino tradition where we buy souvenirs for people back home) in Central Market (Petaling Street); It’s a must go for cheap buys!


KL is a melting pot of different cultures. I saw many Indians, Chinese (even Filipinos!) and Caucasians around. The food was flavorful. The curry aroma was quite evident. But there are wide arrange of food to choose from! Most people speak English so if lost, just ask! The locals are friendly; in fact our taxi driver was kind enough to tour us around!

I hope this isn’t our last Malaysia trip. I want to go to Genting Highlands & Lego Land (but too far from where we were & no time to go there anyways). Next time, I said! I believe we just scratch the surface when it comes to what Malaysia has to offer!

(Now that Japan trip *opens wallet* it’ll be awhile *sobs*)

(I also visited some local bookstores like MPH & Kinonukiya—which I’ll do separate post later).

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