I think it is innately part of being a reader is to have thoughts (or consideration) of creating our own stories. I did say before that writing my own story is far-fetch dream because I don’t have the skills to make it happen, thus I never actively tried. But I do have ideas—plenty that I don’t know what to do with it. Sometimes, I found myself visualizing these thoughts, already putting a sequence in my story. Playing around character designs & giving them personalities. I realized I do have the desire to write my own story. That there’s a story in me I’d like to share. But it’s the matter of how to transform these thoughts into words that halts me.

“The most beautiful things are those that madness prompts and reason writes.”

—Andre Gide

But if I were to write story what do I really want it to be? I want busy ideas. My craving gravitates to action. I also want mythology. I wish to be able to create an elaborate villain/s. I want strong yet fragile MC. I actually want shounen-type of stories. I’m not sure if it’ll have romance (because I’m too meticulous on those). I know I’m too ambitious for someone who doesn’t have the knack to pull it right; that’s why for now I’m contended sealing them inside my head for me to play around. I might be just being difficult to myself but don’t writers want the best for their stories? I always have this thought that authors are the first readers of their own stories so it should please us first before we share it the others. And while I’m not completely giving up, it’s not something I would totally invest my time right now. I think I’m still not ready. I still don’t have a story I sincerely like to write. That I can foresee a concrete ending.

But I want to write a story someday that’s for sure. It could be very awful but the prospect of laying down those words & to read them kinda motivates me. I could be the only reader but that doesn’t sound so bad. I think the fact that you’ll able to create something that was at first residing only in you & that can potentially read by others is amazing enough to try. So perhaps if I were to write a story it still wouldn’t be at this instant; but at least now I’m willing to try.

Are you a writer? Do you aspire to become an author? How many stories have you written? What is your process? Share your tips with me. 😀