This is final part of my Shoujo Fanfare. I hope you enjoy my nonsensical ramblings about shoujo and josei. I can’t believe that a month just flew by and now I’m posting this last piece I had prepared for this special feature. But once again, let me refresh your minds:

Hello, this is Shoujo Fanfare, Rainyink’s Love Month Special Feature! In four weeks I will (try to) showcase my obsession with shoujo (and josei) manga. If you are fan of these reads, hopefully you’ll find my silly quirks and quips mildly entertaining. And for those who haven’t try it, then I hope by the end of the month I give you enough nudges to pick a shoujo title and read it!

And for the last week I’m gonna tackle about Shipping Tropes (and sample of). This is quite different from the second week feature where it focused more on tropes being part of the plot or the relationship development. This trope is about the pair itself (kindly refer to the link I provided above via tvtropes) and me citing where/what my OTPs belong to. There are different types of ships: crack ship, abandon ship, sinking ship (no!!! LULZ) among others.

Not all my ships sail to happily ever after. Some were doomed to fail. Some felt like living on the edge because the couple just couldn’t get together for many fudge up reasons. And while some were blessed by the OTP gods and got their well-deserved HEA! But even though some were not successful as the others, shipping them were still a memorable experience (where blood and tears were shed on each one).

One True Pairing (OTP)

Oh you guys already know that I have so many ships, might as well be a renowned ship master. When I ship, I ship hard. Feel free to check my “Great OTP Post” for the few samples of my OTPs. And yeah kinda ironic that OTP stands for “one true pairing” and yet I have dozens. Well, I always think that OTP means my number 1 favorite couple in one series hence the “otp-ness” of it.

Koi Dano Ai Dano One True Threesome (OT3)

Sometimes I am betrayed by my own feelings and my unreliable mind to choose just one guy for a girl. When I’m completely conflicted on whom to bet because the two guys vying for the heroine’s attention are too awesome & I can’t choose, I decided to eff it all and pick both! So yeah, threesome is the only viable answer that I can come up with.

Great example of this is Yabuki You, Tsubaki Haru and Nadeoko Kanoko from Koi Dano Ai Dano. In the long run I do like Tsubaki but man, my heart ached for Yabuki and overjoyed whenever he was with Nadeoko. I was so conflicted. Two equally awesome guys for Nadeoko: I’m not sure if that position is something most women aspire to or rather avoid, haha.

PS: OT4 (or even 5!) is also possible…though I haven’t had one personally.

Hirunaka no Ryuusei Ship-to-Ship Combat (or Shipping War)

Nothing like the good ‘ol battle for supremacy to validate the awesomeness of you ship. (Mostly likely to happen if characters are tangled in a love triangle.) Shipping war is something I avoid all together but undeniably and shamefully attracted to drama it draws out of people. To be quite honest, it adds a spicy flavor (my kind of spice!) to my shipping palate. How so? As I said before I take shipping seriously. But having said that I consider myself a very rational shipper. If don’t see any sparks I won’t ship it. It is why I still don’t have a crack ship to date. Plus, to substantiate the possibilities of my shipping happening (aka being canon) is something I enjoy. Writing stuff about my ships fuel the researcher in me. And it makes the HEA doubly—tripled sweeter if the ship I fought tooth and nail for ended up together! Yes, winning is sweet!

Best Example was Mamura, Daiki and Yosume, Suzume from Hirunaka no Ryuusei. Oh my gosh, you might have no idea how delighted I was when I read the final chapter. I’d always been Team Mazume (portmanteau of their names) from chapter 1. It was rocky sailing so to speak but I hoped—though at the back of my mind I doubted, seeing how strong the other ship was. But we prevailed! And we got a bonus chapter to wrap our ship’s romantic story perfectly!

Also another memorable ship war that won was Ichi Shinpo, Daiya Shinpo (yes, the boys were cousins) & Fuuko Kameyama from Parfait Tic! Think of Ao Haru Ride and instead of Mabuchi ending up with Futaba, she went with Touma. See the picture.

Alas, not all the ships I, well ship were winning battle. There were times that I ship couples I knew were doomed to fail— *wails like there’s no tomorrow*

Tsubasa to Hotaru Sinking Ship

Speaking of Ao Haru Ride did you know that I prefer Touma for Futaba? I still shipped ‘em despite the possibility the fact of it not happening. This only occurs when the main male lead frustrates the hell out of me. That I want a new guy to come into the picture and rescue the heroine from the clutches of the annoying male lead. I know, lots of people liked Mabuchi but I just couldn’t like him.

I did mention last time that I’m vulnerable to second lead guys: so yeah, two of my ships from the series I’m reading right now are susceptible to this tragic ending: Sonokawa, Tsubasa and Toba, Yuuma from Tsubasa to Hotaru. And the one that is hella painful to admit: Fushimi, Rin and Kusunoki, Komugi from Watashi no Ookami-kun. *again wails like there’s no tomorrow*

But never abandon ship! Certainly not! I will go down with it!!!

Secondary Characters Ship

Sometimes I’m all fed up with the main couple (made up, break up, reunite—the cycle goes one and on) that I find the main couple too annoying to ship & convincingly unhealthy to follow hence I end up liking the secondary characters’ love lives instead—where everything is better, to a point that they are very understanding with the whole main couple’s love debacle.

Other times—most often times the official couple is just simply too uninteresting that I just don’t like it.

This however hardly happens because I’m a type of reader or fan that affixes herself albeit too much on the main leads. One example of this though is Tomoya Matsunaga and Tsutsui, Mari from Nijiiro Days. Although Mattsun is one of the main leads he’s not really the very main one (that’s Hashiba, Natsuki). At first I was reluctant to read it because I thought that Hashiba was bit too…boring for me (which is kinda true though). But Mattsun and especially his leading lady, Mari-chan captured me heart and soul. Better than the first couple.

Lastly, let me recap what has roll down in this event:

And that’s a wrap! Thanks everyone~ I hope you enjoyed my 4-week shoujo special! But let me ask you, what kind of shipping do your OTPs belong to? Do we share similar types of shipping? Discussing is fun! So I encouraged you & share them!