So Spring Anime Line-up didn’t impress me that much upon announcement. But I still went in optimistic, although still a little skeptical. I think I’m just a certified otaku and even with skepticism, I managed to enjoy my list for this season so far. (And two of them I happened to binge read the manga!) Let’s get into the show! (List is arranged alphabetically!)

12-sai.: Chicchana Mune no Tokimeki – I think I’m too old for this. I feel uncomfortable watching this. I mean I liked Gakuen Alice and the MCs here are the same age as Mikan, Ruka & Natsume. But oh boy, was these children to keen on “young love?” When I was 12, I was already in High School and hated my schedule because I couldn’t watch my favorite anime (I had extracurricular activities on top of that). Hey, I had a crush too but relationship was way far from my mind.

Big Order – I was rather disappointed with this one. But I only seen the first episode (this was the only series that was aired quite late). I’m keeping my impression on the low side from now on, although I’m not too disappointed to discontinue so that’s good.

Boku no Hero Academia – I read the first chapter didn’t like it. I watched the first episode & it was OK…a bit dry for a premiere. But my sister ended up reading the manga & told me she liked one of the characters. Because my curiosity is rather stubborn, so I read the manga. The verdict? It was actually good. But I’m not “oh my gosh, go read this!!!” sort of fan. But I now know the appeal. And my sister fave character is really interesting (and really like his power too—fire & ice? so cool!!!).

Bungou Stray Dogs – My favorite this season no doubt about it! I just finished reading the manga and yeah, it was awesome. I liked how genius the naming sense in this series and I love how it incorporated literary pieces: their powers is named after the author’s famous work. If you didn’t notice it yet, characters here are named after popular authors. So sick! And Grandrodeo doing the opening song?! Yep, so cool~

Joker Game – Ugh, I’m so confused & find the character design to be too similar to each other hence me being confused. It was highly rated by some but I don’t get why. Espionage and the likes isn’t my thing, perhaps. Oh well, I will stick to it until I can’t.

Sakamoto desu ga? – Everything about Sakamoto is crack and should be taken with shit tons of open-mindedness. I read the manga so I anticipated what a roller-coaster of insanity this show will offer. But seeing it animated just had me laughing every, freaking, time. The series has somewhat a retro vibe. It reminds me of old/90’s anime (apart that Hikaru Midorikawa is Sakamoto’s CV). I loved how there are several veteran seiyuus in here.

Sousei no Onmyouji – remember this? Yeah, it looks like from the 3 series I did read the manga prior to watching the anime, Sousei no Onmyouji is the only one I don’t have speck of desire to read the manga. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice & all (plus Nacchan~!!!). But I don’t know, it doesn’t feel like I’m craving for it to know more; I don’t mind getting in blindly.

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge – Watching a show about a lazy guy doing nothing might look too boring. In any case, Tanaka-kun’s reason on such things is actually…make sense. It’s a slice of life series you watch for the heck of it. You might get bored, or you might not. I’m glad to be part of the former! Go Tanaka-kun raise the flags of lazy people like us!

Terra Formars Revenge – haha, did this anime went on a budget cut, like whoa what’s the sloppiness. I wasn’t super happy/excited, with my favorite character isn’t there anymore. But yeah, let’s see, let’s see.

※Boku no Hero Academia & Sousei no Onmyouji are also airing via Animax Asia same day as Japan.

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