I’m incredibly happy with this season. I originally planned to watch only eight series but I added more because I heard a good buzz around it, and the other one was completely accidental (it didn’t hurt that MC was voiced by the same guy that did Kaneki, so if I think about it, it’s really a win-win situation.)

I’ll do the first impression sort of thing or whatever the proper label for it. I’ve seen like the first and for some second episode of the anime (I was supposed to post it after I watched all the first ep but I procrastinate again so that is why I’m late, orz.

I shall get into it:

Akatsuki no Yona

Impression: So far so good. At first I was worried that Pierrot will rush everything but as it turns out the anime will run for two cours which make the appearance of Zeno reasonable. In the first episode, I didn’t remember Yona being whiny and childish then again I’m already chapter 95 so the Yona today was very different from the Yona before. I understand why though (only child, princess to boot) so it makes me super excited to see her development. My only gripe was the opening—if it’s indeed the opening. It looked fragmented montage with zero synchronization with the instrumental background music. But the first episode was pretty solid and I’m salivating for more!

Donten Ni Warau

Impression: I just finished reading the manga & absolutely loved it. Now I’m all heart and mind to watching the anime. I realized that they kinda mixed and altered the sequence but I still enjoyed it regardless. One thing to boast about is the animation. Like, it was so pretty it hurts! This is the same animation studio behind Gekkan and I’m sure for the rest it’ll be amazing as the first episode. I’m still confused why it’s a shoujo when it’s pretty badass (not that shoujo series aren’t). This series feels so much like shounen so to me it’s a shonen series and I can’t wait to see some of this badassery I read from the manga to transcend into the small screen!


Impression: I saw the teaser of this show on Animax (they are airing it same day as Japan) from then interest was piqued and learned that it was quite an old series—a decade or two. So it threw me off when they adamantly showing the ‘modernization’ of the series by featuring characters using today’s gadgets (smart phones, tablet, ipods and the whatnots). It’s like grandpa trying to look hip. But that was just me. But for most parts the series was good. Great first episode even without too much happening, it managed to tell what the gist is all about. And my favorite was the music; both OP & ED are heargasm worthy! I loved it and probably my favorite of this season!

Nanatsu no Taizai

Impression: MELIODAS STOLE MY HEART! As it all it took was one episode and I quickly breezed through the manga (read it for three days!), now fully caught up and ready to take everything the anime has to offer! The animation was pretty good, the music was great (Ikimonogatari, you guys!) and so as the voices (Kaji Yuki, my man, you’re also in here? You were pretty busy, huh?). Saw the first 2 episodes and I’m getting excited already. And since I know what’s going to happen, I can’t wait to see fave moments fully animated. Man, I’m stoked and quite happy that it’ll run for 24 or 25 episodes. So much time with the SINS! Yay!

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Impression: Good, good. Funny, funny. I’m reading the series and so far I do like what I saw, the animation was consistent enough, from: it’s pretty to Kyoya-is-incredibly-good-looking-and-quite-oily (the abs in the opening song, whew!) but I do enjoy it. My only problem and it really bothers me a lot was the VA of Kyoya. I was under the impression that when Kyoya shifts to his black mode it’s going to be swift and flawless and very low key (like Oikawa from Haikyuu!, he was “Iwa-chan~” *playful* to “Kuso gaki” *annoyed*). You know what, he isn’t, I think I’m struggling because it just doesn’t work well with me. I have nothing with VA but I think he’s not the appropriate one to voice Kyoya. But other than that, it was fun! I’m just going to bear Kyoya’s voice.

Psycho-Pass 2

Impression: Where’s Kougami? I don’t know but he’s in the OP song (which I didn’t notice until my sister pointed it to me). You know, things are going down when someone just blew up in this first episode, right? I think they’re planning to throw the bomb as early as possible. With this being a sequel there’s not much need to establish some points (because they did that in first season). I’m just glad to see the changes in Akane and Ginoza (not much with I-pin look alike, who she is again?). And with that I’m definitely looking forward for the rest of 10 episodes they have prepared (yep, just 11 episodes for the entire season).

Terra Formars

Impression: UGLY CENSORSHIP. That’s pretty much I’m going to say with Terra Formars. The first episode they blocked half of the screen. The second? I only saw feet! The third? It was littered with ugly black circle thing; they weren’t subtle. And weren’t even creative (at least in Tokyo Ghoul, it could pass as a shadow). Man, it was censored because it was! But the story was pretty interesting. It wasn’t as dark as I expected it to, there’s bit humor in there, thankfully. But man, I was only on the second episode and hell break loose already. So yeah, I’m clinging to my bug spray, those cockroaches are terrifying!

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Impression: If DnW is shonen to me this one is shoujo, even though it’s in fact a shounen. What initially grabbed me was the opening song (which I happened to stumble across accidentally). Then it was sung by Goosehouse + the animation = I was sold! It has a very mellow, a bit sad feel to it. A piano prodigy who lost his hearing and the girl who might help him? I don’t know the story or the manga but that’s my impression based on the first episode.

And did I say the animation was pretty (the art though reminds me of Hibi Chouchou)? I can’t believe it’s from A-1 Pictures!

World Trigger

Impression: What a sloppy animation, thanks TOEI! Like there’s decent premiere and there’s just plain lazy and WT first episode almost fall in the latter category. Stills? Weird faces? No bg, not even a sound of the wind breezing? Man, here I thought I accidentally paused the video! Sad thing is it has potential, I do love the idea of these border/neighbors; and Kuga is quite interesting character. But GAH, the animation is low quality, I want to weep!

Yowamushi Pedal

Impression: I finished the first season like weeks ago, so it didn’t surprise me how the first episode I immediately return to where it left of. Yowapeda is a series that I enjoy but something I’ll forget as the months/years go by. Something I like to watch just because and don’t have big desire to continue it. They’re in middle of match and things just rapidly go by. I still liked the first opening of the first season, this one was ok. 😀

And that’s it. I didn’t realize that it’ll be this long! Anyway, let’s see if my impression remains after I watch the entire season (for some of them it’ll run until winter of 2015 so I think I’ll just do the wrap-up for the series ’til it end).