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  • 2010 / 11 / 30

    My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent

    Title: My Soul to Save Author: Rachel Vincent Pages: 279 Rating: In the middle of reading the second installment of the Soul Screamers series, My Soul to Save, I doubted Lindsay Lohan erratic behavior. Is she like Addey, a victim of circumstances known as hellion of greed, Avari? (nice intro huh?) In this book Nash and Kaylee helped Tod’s ex girlfriend (who dumped him for stardom) Addison Page. After they’ve witnessed Eden’s death, they were introduced to the evil scheme—

  • 2010 / 11 / 30

    My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent

    Title: My Soul to Take Author: Rachel Vincent Pages: 279 Rating: Why do I have the feeling that I will ramble like a sick fangirl? Ah, yes because the book is hands down incredible. I think it is par with my all time favorite The Hunger Games in terms of writing, plot and characters (that just me, ok?). I will give it a 6 stars (five means excellent already (by my standards) if I could. That’s how this book absorbed—

  • 2010 / 11 / 26

    When It Happens by Susane Colasanti

    Title: When It Happens Author: Susane Colasanti Pages: 320 Rating: I need to write something about this book before my brain decided to store this rambling in my short term memory. And you know what it means – I’ll forget about it. Bottom-line is, the book is forgettable. This book was my second choice, I really wanted Something like Fate by the same author but I couldn’t find a copy and the only one available is this book. So I—

  • 2010 / 11 / 25

    Captivate by Carrie Jones

    Title: Captivate Author: Carie Jones Pages: 273 Rating: Captivate is the second book of the Need series by Carrie Jones (and why bother to make separate entry?) because this book (I think) bested the first one, that’s why. I love this book so much and just like the title says it captivated me (cheesy, I know). I already read it thrice (ok because there is certain new character introduced, read below). I really love the fact that Pixies weren’t evil—

  • 2010 / 11 / 25

    Need by Carrie Jones

    Title: Need Author: Carrie Jones Pages: 306 Rating: I’m really curious to books that was accused of being Twilight ripped-off (Hush, Hush; Touch novel) and now the Need series. Two books are out and I’ve read it both. A little warning though – I like this book (expect some positive (mix with angsty negative ones) comments). Yes, it has big similarities to Twilight (a girl moved from dry place to relatively cold one, werewolf, and blood suckers in the form—

  • 2010 / 11 / 25

    If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where’s My Prince? by Melissa Kantor

    Title: If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where’s My Prince? Author: Melissa Kantor Pages: 288 Rating: Who doesn’t like Cinderella’s story? It’s the like the most popular fairytale ever. It’s every girl’s fantasy (not all girls but you get my point). You meet your prince charming and get a fabulous makeover courtesy of your fairy godmother then *pop* instant princess. So when I read the title I know it’s one of those Cinderella story with a modern twist. With that,—

  • 2010 / 11 / 25

    Touch Novel (Book 1 & 2) by Laurie Faria Stolarz

    I’m doing two books in one entry, since I read the books back to back (and they are from one series), I might sound redundant if I make a separate entry for each. Title: Deadly Little Secret Author: Laurie Faria Stolarz Pages: 288 Rating: One reason that attracted me to read this book is that eerie feel to it. Some book blog said it was scary that she recommends not reading it if you’re alone. There are instances where scary—

  • 2010 / 11 / 18

    Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott

    Title: Perfect You Author: Elizabeth Scott Pages: 284 Rating: If I can describe this book in a few words, I’m not gonna hesitate to tell that “this book annoy the hell out of me.” The book cover, the summary, everything was misleading. It’s not the romance novel I assumed it’ll be (and I thought this one is, with the cheesy title and all). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not overly romantic person. I love stories that doesn’t have anything to—

  • 2010 / 11 / 13

    Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

    Title: Perfect Chemistry Author: Simone Elkeles Pages: 360 Rating: I don’t want to start any heavy plot driven books. So I decided to check some chick lit. And Perfect Chemistry seems to be a great choice. I really, really love it. Reading books about normal people is kinda strange (after the vampires, fallen angels books I’ve read). It’s quite a breather. At first I find it cliché; you know good girl meets bad boy (and some Romeo and Juliet resemblance).—

  • 2010 / 11 / 11

    Torment by Lauren Kate

    Title: Torment Author: Lauren Kate Pages: 452 Rating: Just finish Torment and just like the first book the cover was stunning. As for the book itself, I like it, not as much as Fallen though. Is it a pathetic whining if I said that there’s not enough of Cam in this book so that’s why I find some moments dragging (yes? haha). This book finally answers why I preferred Cam over Daniel, because I find him shallow and empty to—

  • 2010 / 11 / 10

    Fallen by Lauren Kate

    Title: Fallen Author: Lauren Kate Pages: 452 Rating: While I tried to shun away from fallen angels theme book (after the disappointment that is Hush, Hush) but I just can’t help trying this one out (that’s what I hate about myself, inconsistency). Plus, the book cover is really pretty, so intriguing. I was actually starting Mortal Instrument the other night but that book has too much going on (I mean slapped every literary creature in one book). Too much for—

  • 2010 / 11 / 03

    Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

    Title: Hunger Games Author: Suzanne Collins Pages: 374 Rating: I’ve been reading a lot of good press about this book. From the cliché ‘it’s-a-great-book-must-read-it’ to ‘it-surpasses-Twilight-in -every-aspect.’ It was even compare to Battle Royale which I’m really familiar with (but I haven’t read the novel yet, I’m an otaku so I know just in case you’re wondering). With Battle Royale-esque and better than Twilight to back it up, I have got to read this book. Hunger Games is no doubt—