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Hi, y’all, I’m posting again but let me look back...


Hi, y’all, I’m posting again but let me look back on what happened at Aeropapers this year. Lots of first had happened for me this year, both personal and book blogging wise.  Some were awesome; others are too painful to still talk about. So I’ll spare myself from reminiscing that part of my life. Anyhoo, here is Aeropaper’s Awesome Moments in 2013: A Throwback!

Bookish Events

taherehmafi-1 taherehmafi-2

Book Signing:  It’s my first time to attend a book signing and with none other than my favorite author, Ms. Tahereh Mafi. I’m so, so happy to meet her. She was so pretty, nice and funny. I thought I couldn’t come because of my work, but thanks for small miracles that we (I’m with my sister) made it there. Although I have to wait like more than 2 hours, the wait is definitely worth it! (full post here)

DSC04933 DSC04935

MIBF 2013: (Manila International Book Fair) My first time to attend, too, though you can say it wasn’t entirely a fruitful one with me being a little under the weather and there was uncomfortability (is this even a word?) with the crowd. The experience was ok and I did enjoy it to say the least. (full post here)

(I was also invited to Reader’s Con as part of their blogger’s forum. I couldn’t come but now that I think about it, I regret having been unable to attend the event. Such a shame. 🙁 )

Blogger Activities

Book Promos: My first time to participate on book promos such as blitzes, cover reveal and blog tours. It was fun until I realized that I couldn’t do the whole schedule thing due to my impulsiveness and my unawareness of time. Maybe this is just temporary, like I said it was fun so I might be doing it again!

Book Discussion: Oh gosh, writing outside my comfort zone (which is reviews) is nice. It’s fun to write my opinion on certain topics and to also read what other people think of it as well. I will definitely stick on it.

Special Feature: I’m starting to warm up on special post, you know the out-of-the-blue kind of post. I did a couple of those this month and I enjoyed writing them. Plus, GIFs!! I’m starting to see the usefulness of gifs. Oh yeah, and I love Adventure Time!

Bookish Folks

Book Bloggers: Before Aeropapers used to be my private solace for everything I read. Then when I decided to dip my foot a little in book blogosphere, I didn’t anticipate the hospitality of other bloggers, particularly those who I look up to (like Mel from Daily Prophecy & Emily from Constellation Chronicles). They are awesome and I’m humbled by their awesomeness!

Books Starters & Enders

My Top Five Interesting Book Starters:


My Top Five Memorable Book Enders:


RL Stuff

DSC04620 DSC04578

Vacation: Another first, my very first time to fly outside Philippines. I’ve seen three airports (aside from NAIA), haha. I went for vacation for two months in Australia. And it was fun. The weather was so strange there, it was one time too cold then a bit warm (well, it was still a tad cold to my standard) the next. And the books? Wow, they were made of gold there; it was really expensive so I didn’t buy a lot (just 3 books in total). (full post here)

So that’s it. That’s my 2013 in a nutshell. I pray that 2014 will be good to me and my family, and to everyone, too. :chup:

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.  – Jeremiah 29:11 ESV

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How about you what’s your 2013 like? Care to share it to me, promise I don’t bite. 😀 :YAY: :/

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