Even though I’ve been reading a lot these days, the motivation to type all these things inside my head doesn’t seem to become a priority whenever I’m in front of the computer. I always slack and do other things. As always, I incredibly excel at procrastinating something I wish I’m not. But I’m extremely lazy person that’s why I envy those who manage to do things with such enthusiasm and consistency.

But I’m not gonna talk about it here. I deem it unnecessary and unproductive. This migraine is really bothering me and I couldn’t stare at the screen for long time so you might find more inconsistencies ahead as I’m not gonna double check this entry (not that I was doing it to begin with, my typing speed is not matching to what my head is capable of running). But since some of the summer anime are now ending (and some already ended *insert sob face here*) I want to do some wrap up but I’m gonna exclude Tokyo Ghoul because that one has special post on its own and this TL;DR version wouldn’t satisfy my brain that has been concocting paragraphs upon paragraphs of opinion. In which I’m gonna tell you beforehand isn’t wholly negative. In fact I’m pretty sure that it’s gonna be a positive one despite me nagging about how poor the adapation was. But that’s for another entry as I told you.

Ah, why am I this easy to get distracted? Anyways, continuing on what I’ve been rambling earlier I’m gonna do the summer anime wrap-up. I think this season was really great. I enjoyed variety of anime and most of them became a huge favorite of mine. Let me start now (before I get carried away again).

Haikyuu! – This started in spring so thankfully it spanned 25 episodes (with the last one airing on Sunday). I love this series! I’ve read the manga several times, rewatched the episodes plenty of times and yet I’m not sick of it. Props to Production IG because they successfully adapt the material. I love the cast, the animation was great at least for the first half of the season. But overall, it was great anime adaptation. So far among the animation studios, IG is my favorite. Yes, they also alter things but not as big ones, let say like Bones (mostly the endings are filler) and or adding unnecessary things like Pierrot. I’m pretty sure season 2 is already green lit so can’t wait to see the summer camp, their new manager Yachi and Spring tournament prelims!

Barakamon – It wasn’t my in watch list but thank goodness for my pesky curiosity that allowed me to try the series. It was funny and very heartwarming. It’s one of those series that doesn’t have a lot going on but sustained a strong impact each on every episode. A slice of life that will give you a good amount of laugh and teach you a bit about life; funny thing is sometimes those profound lesson comes from small package. Right, Naru?

Ao Haru Ride – My feelings for this series is a little conflicted. I do read the manga and based on the opening I was sure that my favorite character wouldn’t play a big role yet (that is if it has second season). The animation was average which surprised me being this is under IG. It doesn’t have the same treatment like Kimi no Todoke but nevertheless, like I said earlier when they adapt a material they are a close as they can get. Too much Mabuchi does not give the ‘doki-doki’ moment as I would have expected (I mean Kaji Yuuki, everyone!). Maybe I do hate him in very strong degree regardless of the format.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – I’m not big fan of Oresama Teacher and while I sometimes read it, it wasn’t fun to me unlike this yonkoma work of her. I love how it trolls the genre where her other equally popular work belongs to (and to clarify Gekkan is a shounen manga). In fact I love it better than Bakuman (shares the same mangaka life plot and whatnots though this one is more on the comedic side). The hilarity of the characters and their exceedingly surprising reactions, I was laughing every episode. I like how it maintains the charm and brought the essence of the original material to another format. In fact, the anime is so much better than it because the overall production is really detailed. I love it. I’m quite assured that no next season for it but it does what anime really does: boost the manga sales!

Zankyou no Terror – Dropped at episode 5. Not really my thing. It was a bit sophisticated for my taste. But ultimately I really couldn’t connect to the characters (despite Nine looks like Midorima with black hair) and their purpose. I know it was under Shinichiro Watanabe’s genius hands but like Bebop and Champloo it wasn’t really my thing.

Tokyo Ghoul – TBA

Fall line-up looks savvy. I already did post about it. And I have high hopes for these upcoming anime! xD