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Hi, y’all! I was MIA for past few days because I wasn’t feeling well but I’m ok now (still not in my 100% self but almost there). Good thing I planned these posts way ahead (as I said days just flew by and guess what it’s 2015 just under 30 hours (by the time I post this). But enough IRL talk, let’s get down to business, here my blog’s annual special I called: Aeropaper’s Awesome Moments in 2014: A Throwback!

Blogging/Bookish Stuff

  • Same old, same old…or maybe not? Well as you can see I’m still in a book slump and this started when my otaku self was revived and hogging so much of my free time, so much so I can’t even spare a few hours to reading. I know, I suck at managing time so my whole blogging was affected and I haven’t review in the loooongest time. Don’t worry brand new year mean resolutions. And I’m going to rectify that!
  • Also, I went to book signing, just one (The Mafi, Rossi and Riggs) and it didn’t go well as you can read in my recap. But Ms. Rossi was gracious enough to send me signed swags so it wasn’t all that bad after all. Let’s see if I will lift my ban to signings here.
  • I’m an otaku again! Feels great actually. So maybe I’m not reading books but I did read a whole lot of manga this year. And a whole lot of catching up with my old favorites (and got the chance to read some of ‘em that ended this year!
  • Got my very first print ARCs. Woot! Need to tackle those! *kicks self*
  • Biggest fandom of this year: TOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKYOOOOOOO GHOOOOUUUUUUULLLLLL!!!! 東京喰種-トーキョーグール- (and now TG:re) I don’t mind being associated with anything Tokyo Ghoul. In fact it’s appreciated, no, scratch that, honored! >.< Sui Ishida is my hero!!!!! :hearts:

Other Stuff

  • I opened my anime & manga blog!!! >.< asafdsfgsdgsdgfdsgdsag!!! Don’t take it too seriously, most are just word vomit, haha. Need to update that one as well.
  • I went from accepting commissions, to stopping then back again with brand new site to boot! I implemented a time table with this one. Hopefully rules I made will help me organize stuff!

In 2015: wish lists and some!

  • There’s something I’m now praying for & I know God will provide it. (Answered prayers are the best!)
  • I hope our travel plan abroad will push through.
  • Exciting and new adventure (I don’t know what it is yet but I hope it’s awesome).
  • More bookish/otaku friends. Sorry, if I failed to visit/comment on your blogs. I will try to be more active next year.
  • Read more books!!!! >.< Like for reaaalllsss!
  • Just healthy, happy and prosperous New Year! Same goes to each every one of you! :happy:


Proverbs 23:18
There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.


So folks, the floor is yours! What are your 2014 awesomest book blogging moments? If you have one, I do love to know it! Share it with me!