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  • 2014 / 11 / 29

    The genre that is called Gaslamp fantasy.

    One of my favorite manga series, Tegami Bachi by Hiroyuki Asada. I really thought it was just  fantasy, or maybe steampunk. Guess, I was teeny bit wrong on that! I try my best to categorize the books I read by its genre (I’m quite the OCD). And I like that people on goodreads do that, too. It’s easy to search a book that I would like to read if I know what genre in it. I’m moody type of reader,—

  • 2014 / 11 / 25

    Thoughts & rambles on TG:re

    I usually just go fangirl mode very time I read new chapter of Tokyo Ghoul:re. It’s one of the most amazing manga I’ve ever read. The sheer level of minutiae in the story always blows my mind. And chapter 7 just blew me out of the water once again. I can’t believe that we’re only 7 chapters in because a lot has happened already. I’m so happy with direction Ishida is taking, he’s not withholding a vital information to keep—

  • 2014 / 11 / 23

    “If we burn, you burn with us:” The Mockingjay Part 1

    Not enough flame? See, I wasn’t on board with the whole splitting Mockingjay Part 1 into two films. Why so? I thought I’m stating the obvious here but to clarify, I think, that the third installment doesn’t have enough material to cover two separate films. I love the first adaptation, surprisingly I love Catching Fire better even though I loved The Hunger Games. But I’m wary about this film. Honestly, I was really, really apprehensive on how they will stretch—

  • 2014 / 11 / 20

    Those bookish stuff that most bookish people have.

    I think we bookworms share many things aside from our obsessive love for books. And here I am presenting you some of them. (This data is purely from my observation only and meant to be just for fun!) Bookmarks And while I told you before that I rarely use it because I read on one sitting, many bookworms showcase their wide range of bookmarks. From fancy glittery ones to cute animal illustration, it is without a doubt nice to have—

  • 2014 / 11 / 09

    Naruhina & the ending of Naruto.

    How was like to ship a couple for such long time, like a decade, and get what you’ve always wanted? Blissful. I already put my very, very short two cents on the ending of probably one of the most iconic manga series of all time (and would love to write a decent one, in the next couple of days). Admit it haters, Kishimoto might not be consistent and we all raged on certain things pertaining the story (I still believe—

  • 2014 / 11 / 07

    I’m debunking shippers’ stereotypes!

    Remember Project Sixty-Two? One of the things I did for my ship! Huzzah! Ok, I confess I’m an avid shipper. Like if I saw great couple or potential couple, I ship them fanatically. Sometimes I go way beyond the call of an average shipper by building a fansite or writing a manifesto. That’s how I groove. Yes, maybe I’m way too invested on the love lives of these fictional characters than my own (or the lack of thereof) but there’s—

  • 2014 / 11 / 03

    It’s a monthly recap, yo!!!

    I know the months just flew by so quickly but I’m still astounded that it’s already November and 2015 is just around the corner. But today I brought you my monthly recap for what has happened here on my blog. I was about to complain on the lack of content here but I’m starting to sound like broken record so refrained myself and just get on the business! In a nutshell October went something like this: Left to right: The—