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  • 2014 / 12 / 30

    2014 Throwback!

    #hottopicsoftheyear: Confession time; one that it’s hard to admit. ; That rare occasion when I actually paid attention to my blog’s stats.; You disliked the one they loved. ;Book blogging trends that I haven’t done—yet? (no pic); How personal is your book blog?; Is book blogging hard? & How crucial is social media to our blogs? Hi, y’all! I was MIA for past few days because I wasn’t feeling well but I’m ok now (still not in my 100% self—

  • 2014 / 12 / 25

    Merry Christmas!

    Hey Just dropping by to say: Maligayang Pasko!メリークリスマス!Merry Christmas! Luke 2:11: For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. Enjoy your time with your loved ones! Spread the blessing and be happy!!! <3  

  • 2014 / 12 / 19

    Autumn 2014, wrap-up post!

    I think Psycho-Pass 2 has just wrapped by the time I’m typing this post. But I’ll get on it later. The autumn anime started promising but it wasn’t as mind blowing as the summer line-up. Needless to say, I think couple of ‘em still became favorites of mine. Ah, yeah, this final impression (or mid impression for series that will run for another cours). I shall get into it right about now. Akatsuki no Yona I’m glad that Pierrot is—

  • 2014 / 12 / 18

    Bookish Goals for 2015!

    Don’t mind the handwriting! 2015 is around the corner? Have you already set new bookish goals? (and am I early posting this post?!) Looking back at my bookish goals I set up last year for this year, I can say that I sorta didn’t make it. From 260+ books to shaky 172; the difference is visibly noticeable. I did have a great start for the first six months and then this happened. Not that I regret it but it does—

  • 2014 / 12 / 11

    2014 Best of the Best!

    Is it too early to showcase my best reads of the year? If the rapid changing of days is an indication, I might wake up one day and realize it’s already 2015 so better start these yearly specials promptly. I’m little sad because I didn’t read a lot this year compare to last year. I sort of cheated my GR challenge and decided to lower it to 150 to achieve my goal. (I need to balance my hobbies, seriously.) And—

  • 2014 / 12 / 02

    It’s the monthly wrap-up again, yo~!

    Whoah, like WHOAH! It’s December already, the last month of 2014! Seriously time why are flying so fast?! Hold up the speed! Geez! Anyway, time to do some monthly wrap-up. Like last month I still haven’t read anything. I did try…ok, not so much as trying but I download a few galleys on EW and I was trying (operative word, trying) to read but I got distracted. Also, was supposed to post this last night but my migraine strike again—