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  • 2015 / 10 / 31

    Just keep dancing like we’re 22, ooh-ooh~

    I think this is a pretty solid month. October is a great month for blogging & for me (at least on some aspects). As you all know (hopefully you do know) October is my birth month, as well as my blog anniversary (seriously I don’t know the right portmanteau of these two words; blogversary? Blogoversary?). Anyways, I’m pretty happy that I have some of posts ideas written down (the closest thing to scheduling. I’m growing up people~). It’s  really a—

  • 2015 / 10 / 27

    My First Impression: Autumn Anime 2015~!!

      Time to give my first impression to all the new (sans on-going series like Gintama) series I’m now watching this season. Few sequels this time around & I am one happy panda enjoying what autumn has to offer! Dance of Devils — Lets start with the negative news: this series was B-O-R-I-N-G. I literally fell asleep while watching episode two and that says a whole lot. I have insomnia. I have trouble sleeping. It takes me 30 minutes to—

  • 2015 / 10 / 23

    I had the right story at the right time.

    If there’s one story that came at one point in my life that I can truly relate with, that is Honey and Clover by Umino Chica (making it my most favorite josei series of all-time as well). I shed so many womanly tears, laughed hysterically, and then cried again. I felt like a piece of my soul went with the series when it finished. Because Honey and Clover made me reflect several things about my life back then. I wasn’t—

  • 2015 / 10 / 19

    What’s On My Reading List! #2

    I want to go back to the swing of things as swiftly as possible. And with that I’ve decided to return my old feature I called “What’s On My Reading List?” This is a special feature on Rainy Ink where I present you the books & manga I’m planning to read or currently reading. I decided to do this in hope that I’ll able to de-clutter my ever piling TBR. This is gonna be a monthly thing since I’m trying—

  • 2015 / 10 / 17

    Have you ever dear self??!!

    In this special edition of rainyink ‘lil aniv bash, I decided to amuse myself and answer some “have you ever” questions (idea sparked while watching Ellen). And since it’s yours truly blogging anniversary I decided to center the questions about blogging. Have you ever been jealous of other bloggers? Beside that time when I boldly told everyone how I envy people who have great command of the English language? None that I can think of. Oh maybe that time when—

  • 2015 / 10 / 15

    Dem songs from anime for your playlist. #1

    (We’re interrupting the rainyink’s ‘lil anniv bash for some otaku goodies) It comes from being huge anime fan is loving the music that comes from it. I anticipate Opening/Ending songs as much as I do with the anime itself. Being an otaku made me a huge fan of Japanese music (for obvious reasons). I love how it has so many genres and me being a music lover that knows no language barrier, I can’t help but fell in love with—

  • 2015 / 10 / 13

    In which I try to choose!

    This is my 905th post (that’s amazing right? It means I already wrote heck of a lot of things—important or otherwise—more of the latter I’m afraid. 😆 ) This was a little tricky but I decided as my first (out of five) entry for my blog’s little bash, I’ve choose 5 memorable posts so far. I had great array to choose from so it’s quite difficult task to do but a girl’s gotta do what the girl’s gotta do, right?—

  • 2015 / 10 / 07

    Shut Up & Dance with Me!

    [I was a little MIA with the blog that was because I was cooking something new for weeks now but then it dawned on me that it’s now October (and I didn’t even get to do a monthly recap for September; epic fail, self, epic fail!).] 😥 But it’s October, unbelievably so, and this month always reminds me of number—age. My mom’s birthday, my sister -in-law, ME, and then my blog. In a way I should give this milestone a—