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  • 2016 / 06 / 22

    Spring 2016 Wrap-up! (+ Summer ‘16 Watch List)

    This is one here is my favorite series! I urge you to watch this if you still haven’t because you’re missing tons of awesome that is Boku no Hero Academia! As per usual list is listed based on enjoyability! It’s all thanks to Boku no Hero Academia & Bungou Stray Dogs that I can proudly say that Spring wasn’t all that boring. Sure, I cut off at least half of the titles I intended to watch which were due to—

  • 2016 / 06 / 15

    Blogger Session: Keeping myself motivated!

    Even though sometimes I occasionally hit slumps and the lot, it still has never really occurred to me to leave. I love blogging. I love how it provided me lots of things. Lots of learning that I otherwise will not know if I didn’t step into the world of blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t shy away on things I don’t like, or eventually dislike. I’m also one of those people who quits once I realize that this and—

  • 2016 / 06 / 07

    Splurging on digital manga!

    I’m sharing to y’all my experience on buying digital manga. And yes, this is legit guys so don’t worry (no hocus pocus I swear!). However, and unfortunately for some of us who isn’t fluent in Japanese, the manga titles are completely in Japanese. And the website, as you have already guessed by now is also entirely in Japanese. So yeah that’s the biggest gripe there, nonetheless for those of you who don’t mind or like reading raws/comfortable reading in Japanese—

  • 2016 / 06 / 03

    Regular: What’s On My Reading List? #10

    OK so I did some reading. Like tons of reading.  Sometimes I just wolfed down the pages and then hopped onto my next series as easy as 1, 2, 3. I easily get bored, everyone. When I’m resting I read. I remember Haise said that he loved to read because he doesn’t want to sit idle while consumed by his own thoughts. Yep, same case applies to me. I like doing nothing but I don’t want to think. My thoughts—