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  • 2016 / 10 / 31

    October in a Nutshell!

    I think I deserve a pat on the back because October perhaps is my most successful month yet! (ah, self don’t jinx it!) I managed to post everything in time; I even add a last minute addition with my anime first impression! I really liked how this month went in terms of my blogging groove. Granted almost all posts were written already even before the month hit (except for first impression and WOMRL) I must say I feel super accomplished—

  • 2016 / 10 / 29

    Anime First Impression: Autumn 2016

    It’s that time! Once again peeps I’m sharing thee my brief impression on anime I’m currently watching this fall! It isn’t as overly hyped as last summer (because all the faves and the baes were there!) but I think it’s started pretty nice to me. And I think I found another awesome series to follow! *I was supposed to post this in November but the schedule I originally had for it was a bit…too late? hence not suitable to call—

  • 2016 / 10 / 26

    On Spotlight: Amaama to Inazuma

    On Spotlight: A special post where I feature some of my favorite reads! Apart from my occasional “great rec post!” I’m also keen on giving full or TL;DR post on series: may it graphic novels or in the future books that I truly loved. And perhaps you might pick this up and read it, too! 甘々と稲妻 1 It’s been almost 8 months since I last did a full recommendation post. But I feel like there’s no lacking of recs from—

  • 2016 / 10 / 21

    Once bitten, twice shy!

    You probably heard of the idiom, “once bitten, twice shy.” Yep, that’s the good ‘ol me when it comes to some books or any titles in general by the same author that badly burnt me/disappointed me.  Even if this author’s new work is revel by other people—many people, I’m still severely reluctant to try; because the disappointment I endured the last time was too heavy to bear once again. So gamble I will not do. Let me tell you good—

  • 2016 / 10 / 17

    Blogger Session: Some behind the scene & it ain’t complicated!

    My blogging routine was never really complex to begin with. And now that I have resorted to scheduling my posts, it became easier than ever! I don’t have to cram to write reviews anymore! I don’t have to read so many books (sometimes by force!), or think of being left behind by my ARCs. I rid of all the things that give me pressure. I read the hell I want! Those old thoughts are not a welcome presence in my—

  • 2016 / 10 / 13

    Oh the Youth! (Part Two!)

    I can’t promote Kono Oto Tomare enough! It’s one my favorite series right now. #animewhen? この音とまれ! © Amyuu/Jump Square/Shueisha Inc. Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been almost over a year since I debuted this little monster. And I left a note there that I had plans to have a part two of that! And let me tell you I have already chosen which ones I’ll be giving the spotlight to; but at the last minute I decided against it—

  • 2016 / 10 / 08

    Not so happily ever after…

    I know that ‘unrequited love’ plotline is not exactly new. But most people do read to escape, and by escape they are inclined to choose a happy sort of feeling in stories rather than a hard slap in the face realistic approach (as such this romantic plot angle implies). At least to me, I gravitate more on series that I knew is fun or happy rather than one that will make me sad. I do occasionally seek reads like these—

  • 2016 / 10 / 04

    Regular: What’s On My Reading List?

    Oh~ that time of the month again where I unabashedly share series that I’ve just read! It was very weird reading month for me. It felt like I read a gajillion worth of chapters then but the time I listed them down one were just hella long & few were rereads (I don’t list them though!): even though I still have new series I’m planning to read (maybe this October??!!) Not that I’m actually complaining, I’m shameless serial rereader! And—

  • 2016 / 10 / 01

    The me ‘before’ and the me ‘now’!

    If there’s one thing I’ll never get it right after six years of blogging is celebrating blog anniversaries! Like seriously what to do, what to do?! But do I really need to celebrate every year? Does it warrant a special day of “hey guys I’m blogging for this amount of time already!” Do you care? Do I care? Actually I do! I love my blog! I think I’ve said it plenty of times before that you probably sick of me—