Feature / In which Mitchii promises to try her best for the upcoming year!

Oh that time again! I had very humble and quite realistic goals for this year. But even with that I still managed to slip through it and unable to do at least two of them.  One, I didn’t beat my reading goal last year—in fact I failed miserably! But it was a personal decision to not force myself to read books. I’m not into reading books right now (a friend of mine shares the same sentiment; we couldn’t find great reads or at least one that interest us like 3-5 years ago). I highly enjoyed reading graphic novels/web comics and this where my interest lies at the moment.  I wouldn’t want to pressure myself. This ain’t what I want; I do give in to my heart’s desire. I‘m definitely a self-serving fangirl!

I think I have never read as many manga series as I did this year and that itself was productive so I honestly can tick off that part of my list where I said I’ll manage my reading—because I do think I did pretty well. In all other aspects, I did give my goals some justice! I’m actually proud that I’ve systematized my blogging routine so effortlessly! And because I want of the same for the upcoming year, I’ll make some humble, realistically attainable goals for the upcoming year! And I have high hopes for 2017 because we all can agree that 2016 was pretty meh… Optimism, optimism!!! Let’s start the positives right now!

Read book/s!

I used to be person who read 200+ books in one year. But as I regain my interest in this old, unfailing interest of mine *coughs * anime/manga *coughs * I relegated this to the side and focus my attention to this part of my fandom! I don’t necessarily regret it but I kinda miss this sort of enthusiasm whenever I started and finished a book. I didn’t feel like I fell behind with reading in general because as I said I read so many manga series, and even tried different medium so when it comes literary consumption I’m pretty fulfilled! That said I would like to at least read a book—as in plain words, no arts kinda of stories! I don’t care if it’s just one book or two for the entire year! It has to be a book!

Try sketchnote!

A know few people who are into bullet journaling, and I did try (operative word: try!) this year but somehow I failed miserably on continuing it. Journal writing wise I’m pretty consistent—but other stuff that comes with it like design and stuff, yeah…don’t even ask. Then I stumbled across this site sketchnote-love and I really like the idea of it! Instead of doing like the author (for work), I liked to do it about my personal life and on either monthly or weekly basis! (most probs the latter) The concept is very simple and the site feature ways on how to do it.

Manage my money properly!

Gaaaaaaaah, money is tight this year hence I wasn’t able to afford my Japan trip last November! I did travel this year but my dream trip was still in Japan! But I’m not one to lose hope (target: spring 2017!) I installed an app on my phone that organizes my money, like putting goals and save money! I hope I’ll save enough so I can thoroughly enjoy my dream vacation!

Maybe learn Korean?

Memorizing the Korean alphabet, Hangul is pretty manageable! It’s lot easier than Kanji tbqh (as App-seonsaeng said, you can memorize it one night—PFFFT tall order!) I did memorize Hangeul already but the hardest part of learning new language?! Application! You see, I’m a type of learner who becomes subjectively better through immersion! I have very VERY limited vocabulary to back me up unlike JP. All I know was simple words I caught up occasionally from manhwa & K-dramas! Tough but I want to! Let’s see, let’s see! 화이팅!

Be friendlier & outgoing!

Same as last year! I want to be more outgoing and stuff.  I know I’ve turned down few opportunities yet again but I also try some new things this year. Like I was able to join love-a-thon (that I always missed before) and I finally attended my very first anime convention (ain’t a newbie anymore! HA!). I’m so looking forward to next year events! And on that note, I would love new friends to fangirl with as well!

Take risk!

I’m not really a risk taker; I’m scared of putting myself out there! But it feels as I become older (and older) I’m missing so many chances because I’m scared of the negatives! But I want a change in myself so yeah; I’ll try to be more confident and braver in every aspect! I need to be!

And of course, and always—ENJOY!!!

Just copying what I wrote last year: as long as I enjoy what I do, I can sustain it because of the joy it brings to me! So I’ll conquer 2017 again with that mantra!

Have you already prepared your personal/fannish/blogging goals for 2017? What are those? Do we share the same goals? Please share it with me, I love to hear it!