Fiction / summing up my reading year with this statistical data estimate!

I come up with this feature when I was sorting out my throwback post last year. Although that statistic is not really based on actual numbers (because I didn’t have the time for that—actually, I just sort of forgot and I didn’t tabulate all the numbers I needed LOL failed there, self)  Anyhoo, this is just an estimate because even without the numbers I’m pretty sure about the things I read for the entire year (note: this stats/recap covers December 2016 – November 2017 since I wrote this in November). OK, let’s see how geekified I was this 2017!

2017: Re-reading game is on!

If I have to summarize my reading habit this year it’s probably the year where I reread the most. There’s no month that I didn’t reread. And the amount of chapter of the series I did reread was no joke—they’re pretty longish! Yes, I know that it kinda hindered me from tackling few things on my TBR! Something about this year filled me with dread! I’m so stressed out and anxious for the past several months (especially the first quarter), which I think made me decide to seek comfortable reads. My reread pile are faves—these are the bestest to read when I’m in a sour mood so I can say it kinda influences my reading options a tad more than I expected.

Also in 2017: devouring webtoons like a boss!

I also read so many webtoons! No, I’m not kidding. I have like 4 apps in my phone and I read couple series in each. While there’s added benefit in reading Korean webtoons (my language study, fellas ) but the stories just hook me so much! A lot of shoujo series are set in high school, webtoons often happen in college (CC, guys!! As in CC: campus couple!) so I really loved in between kinda of thing, they’re young but has solid adult feel. There’s so many favorite college-romance fluff that made swoon so hard so that’s why I keep on reading webtoons. But it’s not only romance I absolute adore the action genre as well; so this girl can’t help reading these right? Right!

Not so new in 2017: that shoujo manga obsession is still strong!

Nothing changed when it comes to my manga reading choices. Shoujo still dominated that list and you know by now how I fiercely love the genre! However there aren’t really big wowzers this year, most of them are nothing to write home about. They’re fun, mindless, temporary entertainment that barely left huge impression!  It’s kinda sad because if we’re talking about romance genre that I might consider fave this year, I can name few webtoons for that but not so much in the shoujo manga department.

Like I said this is a plan (sort of), at least this time I actually made time to input the real deal. I rarely dropped manga unless it’s unavailable (but most of the time I just shelved it and get back on it when I can). So I’m kinda happy how things turned out!

I can wait for my 2018 reading habits and stats! I hope there will be more manga greatness—I mean, I can be easily win over because I’m not really that nit-picky (says the girl who rambles on twitter every chance se gets) . I enjoy regardless of beliefs and shizums! >- not a word but heck, I’ll use it! There are many anime that I absolutely look forward to watching but manga wise? It’s still on the air, it’s a surprise but I’m feeling good about 2018! Positive! Positive!

— Credits: The graphic for the banner used in this post is by Vecteezy. Thank you very much!