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  • 2017 / 02 / 28

    February in a Nutshell~!

    It’s the end of the month once again! So it’s time to wrap-up things!  Hmm, I was not so much in delight with how my January went, and I’m still conflicted to say whether this month was an improvement or not. There were definitely things worth noting that happened this month, and then there was some just, ugh I’d rather forget! Overall I wouldn’t say the month was awful, maybe mediocre at best if I were to ultimately choose a—

  • 2017 / 02 / 25

    On Spotlight: 나의 빛나는 세계

    On Spotlight: A special post where I feature some of my favorite reads! Apart from my occasional “great rec post!” I’m also keen on giving full or in-depth post on series: may it graphic novels or in the future books that I truly loved. And perhaps you might pick this up and read it, too! I’m excited to share to you my undying love for this series called My Beautiful World (나의 빛나는 세계 )—a Korean webtoon created by Maru—

  • 2017 / 02 / 23

    The boys who fell too hard!

    Male love interests falling in love first is one of those tropes that can easily convince me to try the manga (romance wise). I think I already mentioned it here how I immediately fall in love with stories if the main male love interest is the first one to fall. I don’t know why, in many stories, the way he struggles just to get the affection of his otherwise naïve apple of the eye is just so interesting. Plus, this—

  • 2017 / 02 / 19

    How romantic is romantic to me?

    I’m a woman of subtlety!I actually appreciate simple romantic gestures better than you know, those over-the-top/super cheesy ones!  So if you’re gonna ask how romantic is romantic to me: then equal parts of cuteness and rare small doses of sensual tension is enough. Although I’m character driven type of reader so even if the romance isn’t the story’s strongest feat I wouldn’t even mind. Almost all favorite shoujo manga are the light drama ones. There’s enough drama to stir the—

  • 2017 / 02 / 14

    Favorite Love Triangles!

    First Happy Single Awareness Day, er Happy Valentine’s Day!  We’re gonna talk about my love (and hate) with love triangles! But mostly love! You ask: is that even possible, you love the three people in the love triangle? Why of course! I don’t hide the fact that I love the drama brought by love triangle. I know A LOT of people are put off by this romantic device. But not me! This rare breed is actually like the drama it—

  • 2017 / 02 / 11

    When do I write my blog content?

    I told you guys that I finally found my blogging groove and I realized how awesome it is to schedule and write my content beforehand.  I was the impulsive type before and there was nothing wrong with it because in many years it was working fine for me—because how I used to run my blog and my content before allowed that liberty. But now that I moved away from my old self and interest, I decided to changed things up—

  • 2017 / 02 / 07

    I don’t like ‘plain’ love interest!

    If you frequent my blog and read my regular feature “What’s on my Reading List?” you know how shoujo & josei dominate my reading list. I’m unashamed about it because they’re my favorite things to read.  They are easier to digest and I have fun reading them. But not everything I read live up to my expectations (as expected!) but of course like many readers, I do have hopes to anything new I read. I want it to satisfy me.—

  • 2017 / 02 / 04

    Certified & Unapologetic Mystic Messenger Trash!

    I watched this Opening a million times and I just gaaaah~ still love it! I never in my wildest dream imagined that I’m gonna be this obsess with a certain game! I’m not a gamer. I don’t have the patience to play games. I always give up when the tough gets going! When I heard about otome games I wasn’t too sure about it too. Me romancing boys~ Sounds nice but nah! ^^; However when I saw Mystic Messenger 수상한메신저—

  • 2017 / 02 / 02

    What’s On My Reading List?

    I think I spend more time rereading old series than picking up news one (although I’m not gonna listed them down here anymore).  It’s kinda interesting to see different art trends of the 90’s and early 2000s. It feels very wistful~  haha Anyway I did some reading again and I’m here to share them! Let’s start! 『ボッコンリンリ』 Bokkonrinri  shoujo manga about calligraphy; the heroine is part of calligraphy club in school and it was in brink of disbanding, thankfully talented young—

  • 2017 / 02 / 01

    January in a Nutshell~!

    So the first month of year is done! How’s the NY’s resolution guys? Did you have a great start? Me? Well, pretty much OK, and pretty much not so.  I’m still pump up though! But I can’t still shake the feeling of disappointment. As some of the things I plan I do for this month, and finally did (not all but…), didn’t result in what I had in my mind and now I’m in a pickle! Not gonna dig the—