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  • 2018 / 01 / 31

    January went out here & it was drippin’ in finesse

    Expect some lyrics (my LSS to be exact) gracing my monthly wrap-up headlines so how was January?? Very, very busy! I think when officially January came I was always on the run doing lots of errands, doing commission work…my translations work is piling as well and I haven’t had a good blogging routine set up for the month (although I don’t dare say I’m failing because I’m just one post less than my original sched! And that’s awesome despite my—

  • 2018 / 01 / 26

    I also buy the manga for the omakes?!

    You know how huge of an advocate I am with supporting your fave mangaka and fave manga? Yes? If you love it go and buy it; I know internationally there’s gray area we all playing around *coughs* fan translation *coughs*  but when it comes to the heart of the matter, support is necessary even if you simply think of it as a form of appreciation to wonderful story you have read! But I will let you into a secret of—

  • 2018 / 01 / 21

    Blog aesthetic rambles (when you’re the designer of your blog)!

    Web Design is something very important to me! Design is another way to present who I am as a blogger. My designs are always about presentation and at the same time an overview. My aesthetics are always girly (read: pink!) minimal, and clean. That’s it! That’s my aesthetic. But let’s go deeper! How important is my design to me? VERY. As in VERY! One of the things I persuaded myself to get into when I started to formally blog (after—

  • 2018 / 01 / 17

    Time to get serious! Write that diary!

    Time to crank it up, fellas! Two years ago I wrote this post. Long story short, I failed. I was genuinely optimistic borderline excited to write down all those in my pretty brand new diary BUT! Laziness, procrastination and eventually forgetfulness prevented me from truly embracing the traditional journal writing route. But I give myself a good serious thought on how I will work it out—finally! And here we are!!!  (due to time restraint I don’t have yet a decent—

  • 2018 / 01 / 15

    (Thinking about blog ideas!) Sporadic outburst of blog ideas!

    It was so hilarious in a way; so one night in November I was outlining my posts for 2018 (you know how I love scheduling things so I can do more stuff and it’s more organized this way, obviously) and just I got all of these ideas and write them all up (upon checking I have 20+ topics minus the ones I already scheduled (until June, yep I’m on the roll, people~) so I really, really love that I now—

  • 2018 / 01 / 04

    The joy of starting a brand new story!

    You know what January usually represent, yes? Beginnings, starting over, and promises. I also see these things whenever I started a new read. The joy when I start reading is almost indescribable. As you have probably guessed, reading is my one and true solace. In solitude, with the characters of the stories as my sole companions, I find the much needed comfort. And that’s why reading will always be a part of me! I’m the optimistic kind of reader. I—