May 2018

May proved that I’ve still…

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Oh dear, it’s the end of the month again! It’s absolutely mind blowing, still, how epically days just go by without the care in the world! I think my May started pretty OK for the most parts! I know last month I said that I hope I can yell to the void that I finally got my sh*t sorted...well, not yet, but there's a progress! (LSS of the month, Fight Song by Rachel Platten! I needed the push!) To be more accurate, it isn’t ‘completely’ sorted out but at least I’m making an effort towards my goal. I think I’m 

My so-called entertainment out of…

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Sometimes you’re just sticking with the story out of habit! You don’t have the same enthusiasm compare to the time you started, and yet here you are still here waiting for something…something that you don’t know what it could be. No idea what’s making you stay, sometimes! Maybe you’re just like, maybe you’re just hopeful, too. Or maybe you just find that a story you can’t let go regardless of whether you’re still enjoying it or not. Yeah, there are really times like this. You know I usually stick to the series. I rarely DNF, heck even books or manga 

A delicious slice of life…

3 years ago | filed under Graphic Novels
Last month I shared my guilty pleasure reads, and by my definition is something I sometimes want to indulge in and not really I read often. What I really do crave are slice of life series: something light, something nice and maybe in between something fluffy, too. It doesn’t have to be too romance-y though, it could be about friendship and family something just celebrates life and its littlest moments. That’s what I seriously love to read! If you ask me my favorite shoujo manga are mostly (if not all of it) are slice of life or contemporary romance. Sometimes 

Why I would never be…

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Envy is such negative word for me. Envy is an ugly emotion and something I don’t want to feel in association to the things I love. So being envious of someone’s success is something I don’t even try to give a thought about, it's not really worth my time. So when it comes to blogging I never ever been insecure or envious of someone else’s blogging success. I think—which I already said over and over again—contented with how my blog runs now; more so when I decided to re-established my goals and reasons why I want to blog. In the 

Show some love for your…

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I greatly appreciate authors and creators without them my favorite series won’t be here for me to read and enjoy! But I don’t really need to be rubbing elbow with them, I think because of my very reserved personality I’m pretty happy just reading their works and their occasional personal tidbits here and there. I do not need to know so many details about them. They have their personal lives to deal with but I’m happy, grateful even, that some authors take their time to interact with their readers! I’m just happy that their creative minds produced the stories I 

The financial aspects of a…

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I’m not rich! I’m not even from a middle class family! I’m just…average.   Well yeah, sometimes I can afford something like traveling, but even that take a decent amount of savings to happen! So I need to be wise when it comes to spending. And so when it comes to blogging, the least money I put in to it the better. Actually, the more that money isn’t involved in it the better—no, the best!! I already touched this issue before but in the perspective of a book blogger. However, my opinion then remains the same 'til today, although I forgot 

The highs and lows of…

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When it comes to my manga series I’m very impatient! And being an overseas fan makes it harder to bear! But thanks to the internet it makes my impatience at bay! But still, the geographical restriction is something will always be part of my manga reading journey (unless I live in Japan…hmmm)! There are definitely cons not living in Japan but I just have to make amends so even though I’m huge manga reader who’s also pain in the ass impatient reader (LOL) I still manage to enjoy my manga even though I'm miles away from the country of origin!