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  • 2018 / 10 / 31

    October: when the working day is done; girls, they wanna have fun!

    How is it that it’s November already?! Every time the news tells us the number of days before Christmas, I’m still surprised how quickly it’s approaching. But let’s stop talking about the upcoming holiday season and focus on the month that was October. So October to sum up was pretty eventful!! *wipes sweat* The month started with what supposed to be my day off turned unproductive day stuck in bed sick. Ugh! Then some banking mishaps, birthdays, and all the—

  • 2018 / 10 / 27

    Everything will be alright, so just keep dancing like we’re 22!

    From Taylor Swift’s 22 lyrics “We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way. It’s miserable and magical oh yeah” Right, it pretty sums up my twenties. It was magical and miserable at the same time. I was free, very very confused, and lonely. It was not the best phase of my life tbqh but there were lots of learning I got from all the indecision and mistakes that I made from those times. And all those positive things—

  • 2018 / 10 / 20

    The statistical probability of me caring about my blog stats!

    You must be wondering why I ironically like to mention about stats when I always have cold reception towards it.  Because in a way, it’s fascinating to check the activities (rather than actual numbers) Where they came from. What posts people most favor. Those stuff. I added tracking code and post view snippet just recently…few months ago, iirc). It’s not for information to benefit my blog’s growth—which I numerously emphasized is not or never gonna be my priority. It’s mere—

  • 2018 / 10 / 14

    Out of sight, out of mind? Hiatuses and the long waiting game.

    Let’s put disclaimer first, shall we? This is not me complaining about authors (regardless of the reasons) or me being ice cold b*tch who could not fathom that health comes first! That’s not the topic. Personal all-around welfare of the authors comes first! Always!  It’s just me and how my feelings for the series gradually slid down after numerous hiatuses. And when it comes to series I immensely loved in the past, confessing that I don’t like as much as—

  • 2018 / 10 / 07

    Naming the EIGHT big changes I made for my blog in these past years.

    Despite my championing about changes, I have to admit that I’m still fearful of the changes coming especially when I have grown comfortable with what I have currently. Changes in and of itself isn’t bad but what makes the difference is the attitude about it. When I was completely content with my blogging ways during my bookish era I was super hesitant to hop over to the new direction. But seeing the direction evolving, interest shifting, I think that changes—