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  • 2018 / 12 / 30

    Salute to Twenty Eighteen: A Throwback!!

    Can you believe it? 2018 is ending in a few days. And so it’s time to reflect how the year went (for me). For starters, I think 2018 has some of the best ups and downs of recent memory (happy to say more ups) and with that I’m very thankful (even though I’ve never expected to cry this much in front of the same person while asserting myself of what I wanted). In turn, I have learned so much about—

  • 2018 / 12 / 25

    Merry Christmas Everyone! A blessing + a gift.

    Merry Christmas everyone! I wish y’all are enjoying this day with your loved ones. Christmas always bring people together. It’s also the season of giving. And that’s always what I associate with Christmas. So for this year I want to be thankful with all the things I received this year. Because when someone gives, someone receives them. Above all, I’m blessed to be one of those who received such an amazing gift. For by grace you have been saved through—

  • 2018 / 12 / 20

    Must watch and must read titles! Onward 2019!

    The anime community sure gonna agree with me on how awesome 2019 line up is!  There are so many good manga series getting anime adaptation that we all have been waiting for (I particularly keen to watch a lot shonen series + wishlist granted!!) and today I’ll be sharing you list of anime and some books that I want to watch and read next year! But let’s pedal back to this year first (before I gush out the awesomeness), I—

  • 2018 / 12 / 12

    Here are my Goals, Challenges, and Resolutions for 2019!

    I feel more accomplished despite not completely checking the things off of my list. I’m still very pleased that I actually made huge decisions and actually acted on them.  I always on the plan side, day dream about it that will get me excited but when the time it actually matters, I chicken out. But I swallowed my hugest fears. I’ve realized that failure to do it is worst than the actual failure of doing it. So when about to—

  • 2018 / 12 / 06

    Twenty Eighteen’s Best of the Best!

    It’s that time of year once again! I’m quite pleased with how my reading progress went this year. And unlike last year where it was kinda difficult process because of my very, very small pool of manga to pick! It was a happy struggle to know I have so many manga and webtoons to choose from because of how productive my 2018 is in terms of reading. So that’s the good part, the downside of this all is my anime—