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Wowzers, we're six months into 2019! And that means I'm...

Wowzers, we’re six months into 2019! And that means I’m sharing my goals & challenges progress. It’s something I started last year and I’m doing it again so I know how I’m doing so far. I feel like writing it down makes me more motivated and accomplished (no matter how little the progress, I revel on small victories y’know). And I’m all for keeping my motivation as much as I can.  Even though some of them aren’t successful in terms of consistency, I’m still happy with whatever progress I made up to this point. It doesn’t really deter me from continuing even though it may look like I’m so way behind. So mid-year check up is not to reprimand myself but just to see how far I go with what I promise do (without too much pressure, of course).

The thing about goals & challenges, I always say I’m gonna do it. And I realized that I can if I put my mind into it. But it takes a lot of discipline to do it regularly. Sometimes I’m not in the mood. I’m such a moody person that it affects my motivation. So I try not to focus on “how much” I do it, but my willingness to do it.

1. Read the Whole Bible · I’m so happy that I’ve been consistently doing thus sans the two weeks’ vacation I did last January. I didn’t get to read the chapters I was scheduled on those weeks. I don’t want to ruin the progress so I didn’t pick up where I left off, I just continue it normally. Besides that two weeks hiatus due to vacay, I haven’t skipped anything, so that’s good for me. And in case I didn’t get to finish it after the year is over, I will still continue it next year. I want to read the whole Bible and that’s the my real goal here.

Keeping my spending on check!

2. Be Wise Spender · Well, I’m starting to save little by little, but times are tough nowadays (I’m half of the breadwinner of my family). Even though I’m cheapskate, I still couldn’t keep myself from touching my savings. So I have to tight that belt so I can buy what I need (like a new laptop, I need new laptop you guys!) Adult responsibilities is tough, so I’m happy I get to do commissions on the side.And since my work is too corporate from my usual creative side, I’m happy doing free reign with my usual design mojo!

3. Be Diligent When Writing My Journal · this is where I slack big time, yeah. First few weeks I was doing great, then I forgot again. Then I remember and then I forgot, it’s a cycle. I’m still using my old journal from last year. I promise myself to not buy a new journal until I finish the whole thing. In that way, I won’t restart and disregard my progress! This time I will do it!

4. Try Illustration or Art Again · So I bought pen so I can try digital art and I realized that it’s hard as hell. Maybe I will try traditional art again before I dive in to digital. So my illustrator will remain as an editing app for my svg and vectors for now (but I heard Photoshop is better)

5. Have a semblance of an active lifestyle · Yeah, this is…hard. But I started great for one week. I remember when I first started it my body ached so bad later that night. I was sore the entire night. Then I stopped, retried, then soreness all over again. But I need to have an active lifestyle. I feel like my 30-something body needs some activity. Need to keep it jumpin, jumpin as the ladies of Destiny’s Child said.

6. Learn Photography · It would have been convincing if I actually use my own photo but damn, laziness. But I think I’m pretty OK with this. I take pictures for my blog post now in between stock photos which is big improvement compare to relying solely to internetz. I think I’m liking the style I’m producing and I want to explore about this messy pink vibe that I’m so in love with! Of course, my dream is to buy myself some camera! But that has to wait!

Taiwan Milk tea
Sippin’ some MilkTea in Taiwan

7. Visit Japan or travel to some of my bucket-list Countries · Major win! Well, I still haven’t returned to Japan but I got to visit one of my bucketlist—Taiwan! I’ve written my travel log so you guys should check out. Even though I spent 5 days there it felt like I only touched the very surface of what this pretty island-country has to offer! The Japan…well, we will see about that but hopefully sooner than later! But gotta fatten that travel fund yet again so I can splurge more manga (yes, that’s the agenda and I ian’t hiding it anymore!!)

8. Renovate My Workspace · Besides the major construction I did last January, I have done nothing else. Maybe I added some stuff (which kinda make it little messier but I need the place to work!!) When I found the time and money to continue renovate it. But one progress is better than nothing!

9. More “Me” Time · I think I love that I get to spend alone time and I’m getting used to quietness and stillness of being by myself outside home. I used to get little awkward and teensy paranoid to eat alone, but now I couldn’t care less. I love being my own company and economical too—no leaching off of me when I’m trying to save moolah!

10. Avoid Procrastinating · some bad habits are hard to break and procrastinating is my Achilles’ heel! When weekends come I become super lazy and just want to laze around and do nothing. I feel like the amount of work I do in the weekdays just zap my energy hence procrastinating. So I try to schedule even the small stuff so I know when to work, ‘coz when I see it, I feel like obligating myself to work! Duties, duties, and more duties. Well, that’s life!