Regular / Yes, like the real numbers are real, stats, through and through!

So excited to share this! Two years ago I impulsively wrote a post about my reading habits with my psuedo-creative stats (read: gauge). I also did snippet of it on my ultimate throwback posts! But now, I’m making it official and actually make it accurate. Like the numbers are real, stats through and through! I’ve tabulated the data and create fancy graphs and bars using excel and that’s what I’m gonna share today! Truly the essence of breaking down my reading habits for 2019!! Yep, for realz~!

Please note though that I’m not adding anime or my re-read stats, actually I hardly re-read this year 💦 like maybe 4 or 5? So it’s not worth noting! And because I’m gonna concentrate on my reading habits in this post and not my watching habits (which is also a vastly improvement from last year terrible number of 4 but I’m going to briefly mention that in another post) so for now let me talk about my reading habits this year! Also this starts from November 2018 – November 2019. Got it? Ok, ok, let’s proceed!

Previously, manga dominated my reading list which I think despite my claim that I just gauged the percentage, I still think it was sort of accurate. But I’m actually impressed that webtoon toppled my beloved graphic novel format from its throne! I was in webtoon paradise for some of the months this year! So I’m surprised but not really that much when I tabulated the data there were more webtoons on my list!

July is my peak reading month with 12 new series! Interestingly, it was also the month where 99% of what I read were manga. It was so amusing ‘coz despite webtoons reigning for 2019, my peak month was dominated by manga and only one webtoon series on my list to boot!  Tl;dr so July is manga month, while February and August are my webtoon months!

I also listed my fave reads every month. Webtoons came superior with my list with 9 series that I hearted! And only 6 for manga.

There were really so many delish and interesting webtoon series that caught my eye! The notorious reader in me just couldn’t help it. (for the series title, I’m keeping it on suspense by adding it my next post! Stay tuned!)

So all in all, I’m pretty satisfied with how my reading went down for 2019! I’ve read so many interesting series and those series that I tried to shun away *coughs*isekai*coughs* ended up loving two of it (I’m a sucker for heroine 2.0 also mature/grown-up/try not to be the old me kind of story/redemption arc! I’m looking forward to 2020!! I’m excited for all the new series, characters, ships 💖 and stories as I welcome the new decade!!

Let’s give credits where it’s due: background vector created by freepik. While the photo banner is a photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash. Pixel speech bubbles by! Thank you!