February 2019

February: I’m a babe, I’m…

2 years ago | filed under News
I ain’t blonde but that sure is a catchy song *coughs* I wrote this recap just last night, in a hurry, because I wasn't fully conscious that the month is one day away from over (by the time this post is up, only hours, I guess)! But a glance on the calendar made me panic like whoa. Yeah that happened. But then again February is the shortest month of the year so well, it does make sense. Once January is over, like a domino effect, the months will roll in pretty fast. And it makes me anxious *laughs nervously* Anyway, 

Mitchii’s Adventures in Taipei, Taiwan…

2 years ago | filed under Travel
I'm so excited to share you my recent trip to Taiwan. It's my sixth country to date and part of my travel bucket-list I've mentioned before. There are highs and lows in this trip but as the trip went by, it did get better and much more exciting. But I wasn't prepared by the amount of people, and I know crowd when I see one. Hello, I hail from one of the most densely populated cities in the world. But enough chitchat, let's go on with it. I'm making this post two parts. The first installment is about our adventures 

Sparks Fly! What I consider…

2 years ago | filed under Fiction
It was Valentine's Day last Thursday, and continuing my love fest posts for the lurve month, here's another one, that maybe invaluable to your life, but I need to speak up (like majority, if not, all of my posts) Allow me to explain my favorite swoon worthy moments. Actually, what do I consider swoon worthy moments. Kiss? Confession? Amusement park date? Yeah, I'm gonna do the full deets. *excited* I think I've said before that I'm not into grand gestures. I dig the subtle hints. I feel those little  moments far more special. Maybe that's the reason I like slow 

Shipping like a girl-boss in…

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Sometimes shipper remains a shipper regardless of the genre or demographics. Case in point? Me! There are plenty of times that I ship pairings in a series where the romance is not really its priority…or there’s none at all. But somehow it doesn’t deter me from rooting the couple, because I know chemistry when I see one so what else can I do? I just indulge to shipper’s impulses. The craving I tell you, is hard to deny. It’s not like these series—OK, let’s name it already shonen and seinen series—have lack of romantic sub-plot. Some have it, too. Not 

How Many Love Interests Are…

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Love triangles are my game. I love being conflicted over which one to ship! Sometimes I selected team and root him til the series end. It's just so fun, even though I know it's huge emotional investment (I had times that my heart got broken over sunken ships. Yes, looking at you Toba my bb!! ) But there is something more extreme that I also have bit of tendencies. Any guesses? No? Oh well, if the title isn't obvious enough I kinda dig the whole reverse harem thing. Otome game-esque romance? Boys, boys, boys? Yes! Yes! Yes! Reverse Harem can