So it’s that time again to share my goals & challenges progress. I think the situation right now is every bit of the reason why I fell short of my goals & resolutions for this year. I mean, have you heard of the news? Yeah, let’s not go there in meantime, I’m stressed enough as it is (cue new pimple every other day!) But what we currently experiencing made me re-circuit my objectives and reasons. Instead of grander goals (well, my goals aren’t that ~grand~ to begin with) but I learned to make short-term goals. What’s with life lately is that it’s very uncertain. So I feel at peace with smaller goals that I was able (or capable with the limitation imposed by this lockdown) to tick off from my list! So I think I’m gonna carry that mindset until this year’s over! Small steps, big boost!

So the pandemic keeps us coop up inside our homes and I assumed lots of us by now had picked up new hobbies/interests & maybe caught up on the backlog work? We need some outlet! Although sometimes I personally feel down with the situation & not having complete control of it but there’s so much we can do! So yeah, it can’t be helped; it just how things are right now. But before I endlessly babble here’s my mid-year update!

1. DAILY BIBLE LESSON – I done so poorly with this just like the rest of my journaling! Motivation came in sporadic bursts! I need to get it together! With the quarantine happening, we’re doing worship service online so I want more in-sync w/ it. So much work to do but not too late to start!

2. FINISH MY WORKSPACE RENOVATION – I made plans & I’m slowly buying stuff for my renovation! I want the makeover to be done soon!

3. CREATE MY OWN NEWSLETTER – I think I’m gonna postpone this for now. I’m realigning my creative energy to do other stuff that I’m more keen to work on! And well, the biggest reason most probably is my laziness but let me pretend that I’m actually busy to sort this out. But maybe I will get the energy boost I need when the revamp is over & done or when I get to celebrate the my blog-versary!

4. REDESIGN FAIERY FOR MY 10TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY – if you’re reading my monthly wrap-up, I never failed to mention some updates about the upcoming makeover! Design’s done & I only need to code it once I have enough time to focus on it but not before October when my blog anniversary is due!

5. INVESTING ON NEW TECH! MAYBE A NEW CAMERA, A DESKTOP, OR LAPTOP – my desktop CPU stopped working last February so I was kind of *forced* to buy a new one! It needs some boost (memory/graphic card) but definitely better upgrade than my ancient—almost decade old computer before!

6. CONTINUE ON MY ILLUSTRATION – nah, gotten lazy too! But I made icons and avatars in my spare time so there’s that!

7. POLISH MY ONLINE PORTFOLIO – one of the better ones to report! I didn’t just tweak but revamped it completely. Proud moi!

8. SAVE 2X MORE! – since I don’t leave the house & most establishments were mostly closed before, I manage to control my expenses so I did save some, which a very small portion of this savings will spend/already spent on my workspace renovation!

9. MAYBE AN ADDITIONAL PIERCING?? – not gonna happen too! I mean hello~ pandemic! Strict sanitation and all!

10. GO BACK TO JAPAN (OR MAYBE SOUTH KOREA) – this too sadly! again the pandemic! Not safe to travel & not sure if it still is next year. So all travel plans are postponed indefinitely! But I did travel this January (before the whole thing blew up…maybe that thing was already there when we flew, idk?)

11. WORK ON MY GOALS, CHALLENGES & RESOLUTIONS OF PREVIOUS YEARS – well, I have to review my past goals & see if there’s something I can do within this restrictive situation!