There was no significant changes to my reading habits this year. If anything, I’ve read so much this year! Well, what can I say this pandemic and the still ongoing but more lax lockdown did a number to my anxious mind! And to cope with everything that has happened…er, still happening??? since the year started, I went to my fictional stories to ease my mind! The temporary withdrawal from my reality did wonders to my mental health!

I know lots of us tried many things or picked up new hobbies just to keep us from boredom (or keep our sanity intact—yep, that’s me!) We were on strict lockdown for few months & with the uncertainty looming on us then, I think I became more obsessed with reading more than ever! Thankfully, there were so many great & amazing series I was wonderfully able to read or currently reading in 2020! And today, I’m sharing the 2020 reading stats! Please note that this covers December 2019 to November 2020!

Last year, webtoons won my favorite graphic novel format! And this year, same thing happened; webtoon still emerged as my most read format! I think it comes down to accessibility! With daum & naver platforms being free (no accounts needed but I do have account for both) it was so easy to get lost with their catalogues! And with quick English localization brought by English webtoon apps like tapas, tappytoon, lezhin, webtoons and others…(I think I need a separate post for this!) It’s so easy to read new series! Manga-wise, I also have account in ebookjapan & and they also always have ¥0 manga that I can read for free! I hope for more free/affordable English manga apps like Shueisha’s manga+ will be available like anime do now (muse asia, ani-one, iqiyi are some of legal & free anime streaming sites available in South East Asia)…again I’m not squeaky clean hobbyist or reader so I do check the “other side” 😅

I digress, so yeah so many webtoon series and my fangirl/reader soul was so satisfied with this result! A lot of isekai and historical series genre occupied the list because it’s all the rave in the webtoon world right now! It’s kinda amazing that I used to be hesitant but now almost every month there were couple of series with that premise!

August was my peak reading month! 13 reads! I think I know why (but I’m not gonna say anything specific) but it was after that grueling decision I had to make and maybe when it was over, it freed my mind off from all these anxieties…temporarily omp, & the relief just made me dive into to my TBR like mad crazy! If this counted as a reason, the month felt like the longest as well (oh well, ‘coz once the “ber” months rolled in days just flew by!)

While webtoons reigned supreme again, I also got the chance to read a whole new format this year: WEB NOVELS! ✨ I finished Return of the Female Knight & Lady to Queen for example! I also tried some series as well (but haven’t finished it and also sometimes forgot to list ’em down), especially for those webtoon that were originally novels! I’ve realized that I didn’t quit reading the “pure wordy” novels because I found the format difficult or unappetizing but there was no books that captured me, not even former favorites (yes, I’m talking to you Shatter Me extensions!) Although I’m trying so much if you check my goodreads’ account. 💦

So far, I’m happy with the results! And I’m excited for the new series I will try and stumble across this 2021 (the ones prepared by fate are the awesome!) Although I’m little…ok, still A LOT apprehensive of the incoming 2021 (bcos aren’t we all traumatized by the events of 2020??) it’s one of the things I really look forward to! To my fellow readers and bookworms alike, I hope your 2020 was also a great reading year too despite everything I just had to say lol!

Next up, find out my favorites series I read this 2020 with my yearly Best of the Best! Please do check it out when it drops next week! ❤

Let’s give credits where it’s due: background vector for the charts are created by freepik