Ever since I started this yearly recap seven years ago, I consistently called it “throwback” but for this year specifically, I don’t think it’s an apt name because of what went down. So for my 2020 yearly-end special, I will call it “reflection.” Yeah, there are so much I pondered this year. There were many things I was able to take time processing, reeling in. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who had moments of weakness & almost mentally broke down because of the pandemic and stress of the new life we are trekking.

‘Cos who would have thought, right? (ok, the scientists thought of the possibility w/ the way we abuse the environment but that’s another story) But really, never in my wildest dystopian imagination that I will experience a pandemic of this magnitude in my lifetime. SARS & AH1N1 happened before. But if my memory serves me right, schools didn’t close. Businesses weren’t forced to shut down. We weren’t needed to stay at home for months, and months, and months (we are in quarantine for almost a year now). So this lockdown/quarantine even for a home-buddy like myself was still very stressful. Suddenly everything was so uncertain, and you could only take one day at a time, because this kind of uncertainty I couldn’t help be cautious of my far in the future plans.

The pandemic is still isn’t over, as of writing there is new variant that was said to be more infectious. But it was reassuring that vaccine programs are now rolling out left and right so maybe the light at the end of the tunnel is getting nearer. I diligently pray so πŸ™

How was the 2020 Blogging-wise? Well, it was almost not there, *coughs* here are some deets!

Almost non-existent blogging
  • The pandemic really zapped my energy to blog. I barely did some blogging. I was really out of it which was so disappointing because this year was actually my tenth anniversary. Yes, I’ve been blogging officially for ten years now, and before the situation blew up, I had so many special post ideas for my decade anniv bash but I run out of time (spent on creating my new blog design) but mostly, I was super unmotivated. I lost the creative juices so in the end all I came up was one special post. Well, even though it was the only one, it was nice to reminisce. Nostalgia was sending me!
  • I think I still have some nice blogging moments. I was consistent on writing my monthly recaps and for the coming 2021 I promised to be more active and faithful to my blog schedule. I don’t wanna waste my planner I bought specifically for my online activities and hobbies! And I have all my posts ready for January so that’s something nice to expect around here.

Stuff, Tops and Everything Stats! Reading Γ— 100 energy! 2020 made me read so much more!!

so many faves ended this year πŸ™
  • If you head to my reading stats post, you can read my more in-depth backstory about my reading habits and the numbers behind it. So many good webtoons came out this year and the past years that I managed to read. So I’m really happy but for TL;DR version: majority were webtoons ,smallΒ  percentage manga and tiny bit for others, like web novels and book… (that one book thanks to my loyalty to Shatter Me series).
  • According to my spotify yearly wrap, my top artists are Eve (thanks Jujutsu Kaisen for introducing me to this wonderful artist), THE CHARM PARK (as I said that acoustic & calming vibe helped me coped with this loneliness and stress brought by the pandemic). And of course, my queen, Taylor Swift and her two albums. I aspire that productivity level ma’am haha~
  • Because I hardly did some blogging, I only posted 30 posts for the entire year (this wrap-up included!) Thankfully I didn’t fail doing my year-end specials! Like I said earlier, I want to stick to my blogging plans! One of the things I plan to do right this 2021!
  • Anime-wise, I was so consistent to my anime sched! Well, it was honestly easier to do because some series were postponed or delayed so I only have minuscule watch-list to begin with! With that being said, I’m excited for 2021 anime series! January looks promising already! Anyway, if you wanna sneak a peek of my watch-list please head to this post! All the titles are certified to come out & I look forward to watching are all in there!!!

IRL: Some glimpse to my almost year-full quarantine life! Here are some Personal Tidbits!

  • Again, 2020 had different plan for all of us. A lot, if not all of our plans for the year were cancelled or delayed. It can’t be helped, even one of the biggest world sporting events like the summer olympics that we all anticipated ended up being pushed back. As for us? No travel plans for 2021 which is strange to me ‘coz since I promised to travel annually last 7 years ago, not planning anything for 2021 is a little sad. I wonder what will happen to air travel when we go back to “new normal”; honestly, I’m somewhat apprehensive.
  • Well, we were in lockdown/quarantine since March but we were fortunate (?) to travel before the whole thing blew up…mind you when we went to Hong Kong last January the latest health bulletin from WHO was that it wasn’t transmissible to humans “yet” but we all know now that wasn’t the case! Anyway, I was gratefully we flew home healthy so there was that! I plan to write my Hong Kong getaway 2.0 & my very first Disneyland experience soon!
  • Aside from our overseas travel, we also dropped by to my mom’s hometown province and did some weekend beach vacay there. The last time I visited was 10 years ago! Time sure flies! Another huge celebration was my brother’s wedding to his common-in-law wife (they were together for so long)…then there was this baptismal for my newest nephew! So many family affairs last January! I guess it was fortunate that everything happened before we were completely shut off from the outside world…
  • Then for the rest of the year, things were just anxiety-inducing news one after the other! No thanks to the slow response to this pandemic. In my observation, we common people are just trying to survive in the best way we know how! With little to no support, we were coping and coping, almost surviving on our own. I’m just holding onto my tiny voice prayer of hope that this shall pass. God will help us all!

Prayers, Wishlist, Resolutions, and some more for 2021! One step at a time!

Dear 2021, please be kind!
  • I guess I don’t have ~BIG~ expectations or plans for 2021. All plans I made so far are just little projects and IRL schedules for the first quarter of the year. And I think that’s alright. There are so much uncertainty around us so at least figuring things out as we go is the best course to take for the new year ahead. At least that’s how I convince myself. I try to keep it on the low profile until we really, really go back to normal (which in all honestly feels so faraway still).
  • Because we’re in global health crisis, health issues are some of the things that GREATly concern me right now. I had so many anxiety attacks these past few months. I have some health problems that plauging my mind atm (like right now as I typed this) & it really drives my anxiety to disastrous level! I couldn’t go to the hospital or clinics easily like before the pandemic happened, and Dr. Google ain’t helping appease my anxiety! If anything, it makes it worst (all the worst scenarios, I tell you). So in 2021, I pray for my and everyone’s health! I really pray that we remain healthy throughout the year. And this pandemic to end! Or at least manageable than the current situation.

Dear God,

There were lots of bad in 2020. We were forced not to meet indefinitely. Some people lost their loved ones because of the illness that spread around the world. Our lives dramatically changed in the blink of an eye. But it isn’t the time to lose hope, instead we must hold onto our faith more than ever. I know that I was a little distant from God this year, so Lord guide me to be a better Christian. I pray for me, my family, and everyone else’s health. I pray for a better year ahead.

God, keep us healthy, safe, and strong to face the new year! I know last year was challenging for most of us but we will always hold the “good days ahead” in our hearts & mind. I know You have already prepared the good days for us. I know it by heart! I pray it for 2021!


Behold, I will bring to it health and healing, and I will heal them and reveal to them abundance of prosperity and security.
β€”Jeremiah 33:6 ESV