March 2020

The Times They Are A-Changin’:…

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How should I summarize the month? Oh, maybe the word "quarantine" rings a bell? We're in third week of city lockdown, and honestly it's a bit worrying that our govt is not working as fast as they should be. It's kinda upsetting to see how lax they respond when it's literally a matter of life and death. I can't help but sigh to all of these. I can't offer much but I'm with the people asking for more from the govt. We deserve appropriate emergency response This isn't about political affiliation, it's about people's lives are at risk. My twitter 

Anxiety et al. What do…

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It’s kinda ironic that now that I have more time to blog my motivation ain’t there. Ah, let me clarify that statement, my motivation to blog topics I normally share ain’t there. My thoughts are full of worry. My body is laced with anxiety. My GERD is acting up, on and off—which means I’m nervous than usual and this isn’t really good for my overall health. The news about the virus looming and the incapability of the government to respond adequately, sure ain’t gonna appease my overthinking mind. Then maybe it’s time for me to stop. Pull the breaks from 

Tranquility in time of Corona.…

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I have all stuff lined up for the month but life has another plan—for all of us! I just need to vent, I've been dumping on twitter with it & I want something more pieced together (well, more of a word vomit). The result was this post. Everyone knows about the ongoing health emergency literally plaguing the world. Drastic measures are happening; in where I live the capital is on "community quarantine;" travel to/from is heavily restricted. People are panic-buying stuff; well, just the upper-tier ones who have disposable income for next few weeks while metro is on lock-down. For 

I’m vibin’ in pink, chic…

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Happy Women's Day! 🦸‍♀️ So it's our day (month), ladies. All the period woes & the undergarment complaints and whatnots, I'm proud to say that I love being a girl! ❤ So yeah, this one is a celebratory post! 🎉🥳 I just like to highlight the kind of woman I am, and how I express that in association with the things I like! I believe you cannot box women into one kind of stereotype! Each one of us are unique (people in general are unique). And in this modern era, women aren't shackled by the normies standard anymore. 😙 And