June 2020

“You can’t get to no…

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Here we go again, a wrap-up! I kept thinking about the situation we are right now, and personally there wasn’t a big difference between my pre-quarantine and quarantine life, although the latter has made me more terrified than I already am. I think I’m slowly accepting the adjustment I have to make in order to cope with these circumstances. And even though I’m an introvert and spend most of my time indoors, I just can’t help be bummed about the whole thing. Entry title is a quote by Dianne Reeves; and maybe this is night and we have to endure 

2020 Mid-Year Check Up! How’s…

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So it's that time again to share my goals & challenges progress. I think the situation right now is every bit of the reason why I fell short of my goals & resolutions for this year. I mean, have you heard of the news? Yeah, let's not go there in meantime, I'm stressed enough as it is (cue new pimple every other day!) But what we currently experiencing made me re-circuit my objectives and reasons. Instead of grander goals (well, my goals aren't that ~grand~ to begin with) but I learned to make short-term goals. What's with life lately is