July 2020

I’m done adulting, let’s be…

9 months ago | filed under News
T'was stressful month indeed! Oh no, I'm not only talking about the pandemic but there were some adulting stuff that I needed (the required me to leave the house which was honestly terrifying for hypochondriac like myself!) and some TMI period woes that shot my hormones into a frenzy! But things did calm down afterwards. For someone who has anxiety I tend to overthink & play scenarios—most were worst-case kinds! So imagine the brouhaha my mind has been playing on me! *sighs* But in reality things went smoother than I expected. So to temporarily ease my worries, I made sure 

No reading slumps for some…

9 months ago | filed under Fiction
This was inspired by a tweet that I saw while mindlessly scrolling through twitter: it says that we don't need to feel guilty about not being in a mood to read, especially right now where everything's just uncertain. And I just realized I'm the opposite; that I haven't felt reading slump for the longest time. Maybe because—and more than ever—I need to withdraw from reality. And reading just gives me enough calm that I desperately need right now. If you're a regular here and read my monthly wrap-up, there was no month that I don't read. Well, there was last