All Things Weeb

It’s that time again to honor my monthly faves! It was very productive 2021 reading year for me, especially when it comes to webtoons (and you think I’ll run out of series/titles to read but lo and behold my TBR is just overflowing still!) And today, I will give tribute in the form of simple shout-out to my monthly fave reads! It used to have fancy category but nah, too much work for little ‘ol lazy girl like me! And because moi’s just damn lazy, I’ll also add  2022 anime watchlist because well, there’s no point in making separate entry for it! (I only have few names in my list).

Anyhoo, before I get carried away and spout unnecessary blabbering, here comes 2021 best of the best! 🎉🥳

  • December (2020) ᛫ When the Villainess Is in Love  (악녀가 사랑할 때)
  • January ᛫ Wedding Impossible (웨딩 임파서블)
  • February ᛫ Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married! (아빠, 나 이 결혼 안할래요!) & The Villainess Is a Marionette (악녀는 마리오네트)
  • March ᛫ Elixir of the Sun (태양의 주인)
  • April ᛫ The Man’s Games (그 남자의 계략) & I’ll Be the Matriarch in This Life (이번 생은 가주가 되겠습니다)
  • May ᛫ Disguised as a Male Secretary (남장 비서)
  • June ᛫  The Symbiotic Relationship Between a Panther and a Rabbit (토끼와 흑표범의 공생 관계)
  • July ᛫  A Way to Protect the Lovable You  (다정한 그대를 지키는 방법)
  • August ᛫ Finding Camellia (참아주세요, 대공)
  • September ᛫ Before I Lose You (놓치기 전에) & A Beastly Scandal (짐승같은 스캔들)
  • October ᛫ I Became the Wife of the Male Lead (내 남자 주인공의 아내가 되었다)
  • November ᛫ Heeran Love Song (희란국연가)

  • ❄  Winter ᛫  Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4 ( The Final Season), Dr. Stone Stone Wars ( STONE WARS), Kemono Jihen ()
  • 🌸 Spring ᛫ Boku no Hero Academia 5th Season (), Tokyo Revengers ( ), Fruits Basket: The Final ( The Final), Mashiro no Oto ()
  • ☀ Summer ᛫ ✖️
  • 🍂 Autumn ᛫ Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen (

This is pretty much the titles I watched…there was not lot to choose from *hides*

So for 2022, there were few notable series that I do look forward to watching: Chainsaw Man, Hataraku Maou-sama! 2nd Season, Mob Psycho 100 III, Boku no Hero Academia 6th Season, Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen, Bungou Stray Dogs 4th Season, Spy x Family, Jigokuraku, and Skip to Loafer