Reading Digest

I still plan to do all my “December Features” that I religiously doing the past few years. I just can’t help it; it’s a tradition at this point! It’s gonna be more concise and straight to the point so it’ll be easy to update! Yeah, just eliminating all these unnecessary and repetitive explanations and keep the info to the barest minimum!

First up is my reading stats in a nutshell for 2021! Note: this is from December 2020 to November 2021 stats. I’ve started reading (few nos. are second pick-up)  staggering of 142 titles!! I have fun making the theme for this year (all made by yours truly! inspired by the very peri palette) As you can see the webtoons still is dominating my reading list, what can I say the villainess, historical drama, isekai stories got me really bad!

As for the months, I average of 11-12 books/month, the peak month were last November and March! Not too shabby I must say! So many good reads (check out my best of the best next) and series that are over *cries* 2021 is quite whirlwind kind of year, so many ups and downs! But reading has keep me intact by letting me roam to fiction land few hours in a day! I’m so excited for the new stories and to meet new characters (and to ship ’em, if you know what I’m saying) for 2022! Hoping for the best!