March 2021

Rain cloud hanging over my…

2 months ago | filed under Current Month, News
I have too many words to say yet I've been struggling to string those words so I can make sense out of what's happening currently. My entire system's unable to process them all. But then a sudden realization came to me while I was at it—that how some things and moments remain unaffected: like how the sun rises and sets everyday, or cherry blossoms beautifully blooms in Japan, meaning it is spring time there, or how time unceasingly flowing. They keep moving; continuing on what they are supposed to do. So Mitchii, what's your point really? I know, my introduction 

One of my favorite travel…

2 months ago | filed under Travel
This pandemic brought out a lot of nostalgia (and a tiny bit of regret for not jumping into the fun); as a self-forecast, the normal days are way too far into the future as we have yet to successfully curb the number of cases locally (as of writing it's becoming worse, but that's not the topic of this post so I'm ending my grievances right here 🤐) it's sad realization for me, and for many of us too, the burden just keeps on piling *sigh* so I just keep on looking back through the pictures that I accumulated from my  

Getting older and growing old…

2 months ago | filed under Fiction
Hitting the mid-30s soon makes me sweat buckets! 💦💦💦 But I'm not about to lament how I'm getting older 👵 faster than the response to this pandemic (oopsie?) anyhoo, I already felt grandma old since I was in my mid to late twenties but my 30s feel more stable than my chaotic young adult life. In fact, my hobbies and interest has stabilize now that I'm older...and I guess, wiser? I'm watching anime since...I knew about TV? so maybe all my life? I remember my oldest sister anticipating her favorite anime called "Candy Candy" in the early 90s—which I think