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Title: A Beautiful Dark Author: Jocelyn Davies Published: September 27th...

Title: A Beautiful Dark
Author: Jocelyn Davies
Published: September 27th 2011 by HarperTeen

It’s a story of two opposing team and a girl in between, in a war for heavenly beings. That’s pretty much it, if I were to sum up, A Beautiful Dark.

These types of story are dime a dozen. It’s already been done, a lot in fact. Not that I’m against it, that’s why I still decided to read this book, eager I may add. But sometimes higher expectations always end up in disappointment. I think it’s partially my fault, and I’m not too sure myself—if my standards are now starting to get higher. But this book just didn’t do it for me.

There are lots of angel books out there, have the very same concept but superb execution. And this book falls in the middle. It is nowhere near terrible. There were moments when I’m actually enjoying reading it. But I found three-fourths of the book a tad bland. It was towards the end, when I started to get more interested. I was actually surprised, which was highly commendable because I always take plot twist as a plus point, a redeeming factor when I find story too predictable for comfort. That said, it was also irking to know that this book end up in a major cliffhanger and especially not knowing the status of this book—if it was stand alone or if this was a series. While I didn’t enjoy it (that much), I still wanted to know what happened—what will happen. I’m not particularly fond of the stories with no concrete conclusion (actually despise them). It is very frustrating as a reader.

I have little to no impression to the characters. Skye was ok, typical—too average with no particular traits that left an impact on me. I feel so empty reading her dialogues—somehow her entire story. Like I’m on morphine or something. I felt emotionally detached, which was one of the biggest factor that hinder me from thoroughly enjoying the book. So with that fact, I don’t know how to describe her fairly. All I know she’s sort of a gray, caught in the middle of two conflicting sides and essential to the war, and she needs to choose which side she’ll affiliates with.

Books like these, more often than not, I always root one of the guys. And this book even had three of them. But too bad they’re all (yes, all three of them, sad but definitely true) a bit flat. So like a domino effect, I didn’t dwell too much on the romance aspect of the book, since I really don’t mind who will end up with who. So I scratched yet another bullet point on my YA-PNR enjoyability checklist. Leaving me with almost nothing.

All in all, it wasn’t bad but it’s not that remarkable. I’m not normally nit-picky when it comes to PNR but with angel lore, I guess I am. If there’s a sequel I might read, but not something I look forward to, just curious is all.

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