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You know what make a shoujo manga great? When you...


You know what make a shoujo manga great? When you love the whole story and not just the ‘love’ story. Sure, it’s shoujo and it’s bound to focus on that aspect but sometimes when the two MC become a couple, one of the few things that the author can do to make it interesting is to break them off. It happens…almost all the time. Or the guy being a jerk *coughs* Mabuchi *coughs* to try and stall the inevitable. And you know, sometimes, it just doesn’t work. At least on me. But there are times when shoujo stories just make me so damn happy! Because it’s different! I enjoy the story, the characters and the romance—even though it was few but when it happens, pardon the language: fuck, it’s precious!

Yes, Koi Dano Ai Dano by Tsujita Ririko is PRECIOUS (emphasis on the entire word). I am in love!

So what do Ren Tsuruga (Skip Beat!) and Son Hak (Akatsuki no Yona) have in common with our leading man this time, Tsubaki Haru? Well, aside for the obvious (gorgeous men, I know!). Well, they are too cute and madly with their love interest. And their counterparts just happen to be clueless about them (and their feelings). All the guys do is to ward off possible suitors (make some subtle hints of their territory) and cease moment when they are alone. So yeah, Tsubaki belongs to this group: guys who madly and hopelessly in love that even smallest moment together made them happy and in some cute times, blushes (nothing more precious than seeing ikemen blushes for their crushes).

It’s been on my reading list forever (ok, exaggerating, for just like a month or so) but I ignored it because the summary is freaking misleading. I didn’t know that it’s going to be this hilarious, this fun, and this adorable! As you can see I love when shoujo reverse the romance, instead of the girl who always been pinning the guy, I want the guy to pursue the girl. And to make matters sure fire interesting, we have a clueless heroine. Maybe sometimes, it’s infuriating that the girl didn’t take what the guy has been doing with face value (girl, he bit your neck!!). Dense aside, but for me, it works! But like the other girl, I think she was too oblivious of her own worth as well. Kanoko is a strategist and very aware of her surroundings. So much she can even anticipate their actions. But girl, everyone can notice his affection to you. Poor guy always got interrupted.

I’m actually happy even without the love triangle. You know, I love me some spice when it comes to shoujo (spice: love triangle). In their state, another prospect will be an interruption to their already slow progress. But it happens, there’s a guy: a real threat! Ok, so maybe there’s another guy but I don’t consider him seriously. But the dude was hilarious with his crush (that gigantic camera cracked me up!) but still, no, he’s not someone Tsubaki should be wary of. It’s the student council president! Yabuki is like this cold prince, strict and proper. He knew her potential and was interested with her from the beginning. But he was taken by her more now that they spend together. And it looks like Tsubaki needs to up his game or else (although I don’t mind if they become couple…first. Tsubaki is still the end game for me.)

Ah, so many things to love in this manga. Not only the romance is super interesting but this whole school politics sure is also fun to read. I’m planning to read the prequel. I want to know how Tsubaki fell for her (so much that he went the same high school). Ah, this is youth! <3


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