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ten years of fangirling beyond the call of duty!

So it’s been what? 3642 days and counting, 1232 posts, 120 months, 4 rebrands, and also 4 domain names later, here I am still blogging! ✨ I welcome you to my decade anniv posts!I can’t believe I hit super major milestones! Who would’ve thought that I’m still in love with this hobby? Not even me, hobbies for me come and go! There was even a time where I stopped watching anime & reading manga! But blogging has been consistent since I started ten years ago!

I think I already told everyone (on every opportunity me thinks) how my blogging adventures started! It is one of my online ventures that remains interesting to this date! I just love it gives me an outlet to share my thoughts! My mind has so much thoughts but I have no audience (or more precisely, I’m scared of audience so I love my low-key online presence!) so I need that place to vent and squee! Badly! So here I am still fangirling above and beyond the call (one of my witty subtitles of way before!)

Now for my first 10th anniv post, I feel like retracing the years and highlight the highlight-able ??? ✨ Sorry, I’m at lost for the right word! *coughs* I’m gonna list down the past ten years of blogging history & reminisce all the blogging wows~, some woes, but overall winning times with this hobby!

If you’re visiting this site for the first time after the redesign, and you notice some weirdness…it most probs the cache, please clear you cache! Thanks!

2010I said before that July was the OG date but I was pretty in & out of it as I scrambled for the right rhythm for my very first public blog. In October, after falling in love with book reviewing, I got the right tempo and revamped my blog; and like they said, the rest is history!

2011 I moved to a new hosting! I was first hosted by Mitzrael by dokkasou.net and I was still donning my old domain: ash-snow.net! But alas some IRL stuff got in the way. My previous host Misaki, offered to host me & even gave me a new domain: skycircus.org!

2012 I think I gained some confidence to cross-post my reviews from my blog to GR! I was sorta active in the reading community too. I even did those weekly book meme/tags! I was slowly putting myself out there much to my surprise, because let’s face it, crowdeven virtual kindmakes me wanna hide!

2013 continuing last year’s boost of confidence, I joined activities and some more! I think my network had expanded! I will never forget the amazing book fangirl moments I did! I’m a super dry person so I’m glad to have connected with amazing bloggers! It was also the first time I attended a book signing for the amazing Tahereh Mafi (and Ransom Riggs although he wasn’t officially part of the signing as he was about to do one with the rival bookstore!)

2014 the sleeping titan awaken: my “otaku” version had risen and wrecked my bookish self into oblivion! I was so ambitious that I even created an alter blog, kyaa! But it was short-lived! I was starting to question my blog’s direction and what I really wanted to do with it!

2015 was the most memorable & fun year of recent memories (well, IRL wise therefore hush-hush). In terms of blogging I had been experimenting! I was so in deep with anime & manga! So, I tried moving on from bookish stuff to anime & manga, resulting to a mad identity crisis! And so, for the third time I renamed & rebranded! Rainyink.net was the most inconsistent phase in terms of theme, posts, and designs! In retrospect, I really had no idea how to merge my old & new interests effectively!

2016 I was holding on my bookish audience but it was futile, I was no longer passionate about reading western books and that was the last straw! I was seriously reassessing my objectives and motivations; I was in deep thoughts on how to move forward!

2017 the inevitable happened—I rebranded for the 4th time! Faiery.info was born! And this time I didn’t say anything. I kept the details under the wrap and just low-key celebrated the rename & redesign! And this was the start of the more “mature” Mitchii the blogger! And with my blogging coming full circle, I am more in tune with my blogging mojo than ever! I’m also less afraid of doing personal posts and I’ve been in the chill vibes when it comes to frequency of my blog posts! No pressure, just fun!

2018 gosh, another amazing year overall! with the same level of chill & calm when it comes to blogging, I established my blog’s true direction! FINALLY!

2019 honestly my personal life was kinda, little bit in a bad place but thank goodness I have this blog to help my mind off of things! I also moved hosting, my previous host went MIA (glad I have complete backup!), still very thankful for the many years of housing my ‘ol blog! The generous & super awesome Lysanthus of leprd.space adopted my humble abode! Aside from that there wasn’t really big wowzers moment in 2019 but we all know now that it was just calm before the storm that is—2020!

2020 well, we know that year started bad! And it still continuing to emit that bad buzz energy with pandemic ruining everything! But at least my blog hit major milestone! Here I am ten years later still in love & still growing in this hobby!


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