Graphic Novels / something light, something nice, and maybe something fluffy

Last month I shared my guilty pleasure reads, and by my definition is something I sometimes want to indulge in and not really I read often. What I really do crave are slice of life series: something light, something nice and maybe in between something fluffy, too. It doesn’t have to be too romance-y though, it could be about friendship and family something just celebrates life and its littlest moments. That’s what I seriously love to read!

If you ask me my favorite shoujo manga are mostly (if not all of it) are slice of life or contemporary romance. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be very swoony because I also like those small cute moments. One of my all-time favorite shoujo manga is (Love so Life) by 、it’s also one of those series that I will never get sick of rereading! I love how it handled the age-gap romance, the family aspect, how kindness and compassion from other people were showcased; it just showed so much of why we should celebrate life and love! I can get too gloomy and pessimistic about life but reading these types of stories now as an adult surely always put a smile on my face!

Life isn’t made out of special times. Ordinary, meaningless things…that you experience each day…the moments that you don’t even notice are what make your life.
— Kyou (ブラックバード, Chapter 65)

And while my tastes are varied and I try as many genres as much possible I still go back to slice of life series as my go-to! It just makes me hopeful, you know. The positive vibes is has affects me for real! Real, as in tugs my heart! And like I said earlier it just makes you appreciate life. Because sometimes IRL can be a little bitch to us and you just want something to make you feel better! It may sound like an momentarily escape (which I plenty of times said before) but these stories also gives me hope and well, the moral lesson! And sometimes it give me a connection that may reflected my current situation and in some ways gave me something positive in return, just how like (Honey and Clover) by worked for me!

I really am a simple person! It kinda made me realized why I gravitated to simple things, and simple topics. But simplicity in and of itself is also complex; to present something meaningful in the simplest of ways is not an easy feat! To affect a reader more than just telling a story is not easy for sure! But the value I get in reading slice of series is tremendously helpful to me (to an extent my mental health). I will never get tired reading slice of life series! Something I relish, always!