This is for the peeps that are up-to-date with Haikyuu! If not, then stay far, far away because I’m gonna ramble on and on about things I want to see in this match (hint: revenge match). You still want to get spoiled, ok, don’t blame ok, because it’s no holds bar, an all-out plea for Furudate-sensei!

Ok, so it’s the fateful match between Karasuno and Aoba Josai. We all know that the anime ended with them sadly defeated. They weren’t ready for the big stage. And their lost means an initiation for growth, and that’s entire summer arc was—how they want to grow, how they changed, how they gradually evolved. Even Tsukishima who played half-heartedly now plays seriously…or I think he is.

Now I want this match to be very epic. They played against Seijoh three times, including this match. With their practice match, they won but that’s because they, according to Oikawa, didn’t play with their usual set-up. And well, he wasn’t there the entire time. This made Ushiwaka’s statement true: that Aoba Josai isn’t strong without Oikawa. Sure, he is strong and brings out the best in his teammates. But if his teammates can’t do that by themselves then they aren’t even on par with Karasuno. Because individually Karasuno is strong. As per Hinata’s word : “but not Karasuno.” (pertaining Oikawa’s ability to bring out the teams potential; because they are strong already without relying to a setter to bring it out of them.) They also had a handicapped back then. They didn’t have Nishinoya and Asahi then, which is to say are important players in their team. The lack of Oikawa in their team sure shows how much of handicapped it was. Are they strong? Definitely. But they aren’t as strong as Karasuno.

Now, this match, if you can’t tell I’m quite excited. I wanted to see things that I haven’t seen before. And these two scenarios that I’ve been looking forward the most. Hopefully it’ll happen.

The 4–2

According to wiki, formation 4-2 means four hitters and two setters. Two setters? Yep, I want both Kageyama and Sugawara to play at the same time. Kageyama already admitted that he couldn’t defeat Oikawa alone. I think it’s best if they work together. Both have different strategies and personalities that may help boost their plays. Plus, Suga-san had been practicing spiking. I wonder when the result of the practice will come up.

They will win 2 sets.

This is a once-and-for-all kind of match. They have both win against each other, both played full sets so it’s about time one of them (this time Karasuno) win this tie-breaker record with a complete win. Plus we’ve seen them played, albeit too much already. I want ‘em to finally settle the score (no pun intended).

Of course there’s mad dog, how he will play out? Dunno. But he might be good but I trust Hinata to thwart him eventually. Let my baby ravens fly high!