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Happy Valentines! 💖 Or for singles, Happy Single Awareness Day!...

Happy Valentines! 💖 Or for singles, Happy Single Awareness Day! 😗 I usually post about my fave reads or ramble on my all-time genre of choice—romance. But let me steer clear of fictional stories this year and focus of love in the real world; as the English translation of famous BTS song so keen to promote (hence the title)—SELF LOVE. 😁 We also need to focus on our well-being. Something I came in terms just lately. Self love is not about arrogance and selfishness. It encourage positive attitude towards one self. And positive mind is productive self! And that love, which I believe can flow around you and affect others too.

I feel like I’m not the best person to talk about self love. I have super low self esteem. And I’m awfully shy. Introverted x 10000! Yep, not kidding. I’d rather hide than meet my parents’ visitors when they come visit the house. I don’t like attending gatherings—ones that involve relentless & snooping relatives *smh*. If possible I shun events that involves crowds. Those that may need me to mingle. I’m not good at conversations. I often receive comments, like I’m hard person to approach. Because I was told I spark of “I just want to be alone” energy. Although I wasn’t always like this before. But life is happening and you’re bound to change. By the time I was in my late teens, I avoided meaningless friendship. I kept friends that lasts (shout-out to my very best friend in college! ILY! you rock, call me when you’re getting married!) I am no longer uncomfortable with the fact I am by myself. I find comfort in being alone. And it’s ok, it’s not bad than what most people think it is.

If I love myself I shouldn’t be too hard. I should be as forgiving to myself as I am to others.

If anything, I am guilty being too hard on myself. I had so much expectations. So much pressure I put myself! I had enough confidence in my wee years but life really is not rainbows and sunshine. Enter adulthood! 👩 I learned it the hard way. There were times in my life—mostly in my early 20s—that I was so down. My parents were worried about me at one point when they saw things still didn’t happen even after that I set my mind to. My career choices were that on & off. But I have now learned to accept failures. Defeat is not the end but actually a restart. In life, failure is also an option and it isn’t the all true ending. I was so scared of failing that I didn’t try anymore. But I learned that I can try again. Failure isn’t as scary (though it still is) as I viewed it before. If I love myself I shouldn’t be too hard. I should be as forgiving to myself as I am to others. My self needs that break. Aside from the support of other people, it is also important to encourage one’s self. If we can share love to others, then we can we definitely do that ourselves.

The point of this tl;dr is to remember that celebrating love include yourself. ❤ We have take care of our well being too. So if you’re single today, you can treat yourself of your fave food! Or buy something you like for your simple pleasure (mine’s sticker for my journal), watch your fave shows. Do something that will make you happy today. Yes, tell ourselves, that we love us! I love me! 🙆