The amount of scorned Tokyo Ghoul √A received from manga elitist had me rolling my eyes for the entire course of the series. I actually prefer reading the genuine reaction of anime only viewers than the spiteful comments those said fans had been complaining every single episode. Granted that TGA was far from perfect but the recurrent protests were getting out of hand (annoying even).

I’m a manga reader, currently up-to-date with the sequel. When the anime production announced that the sequel will have its own storyline, I had prepared myself to not compare it too much to the story. After all I learned my lesson with the previous season, although I’m very thankful with the anime because I would’ve not tried this masterpiece if it wasn’t for it. That being said, while I did share same sentiments with the adaptation, I’m less vindictive than most.

TGA was said to be one of Sui Ishida’s original ideas for the manga. I’m glad that he didn’t choose this one, honestly. Only, now, I’m quite curious if he did let Kaneki join Aogiri tree with ample amount of time to develop this plotline; would it have been different? But one thing’s for sure it’ll still have its tragic flare. Isn’t this what TG is known for? But the chosen plot was best now that I have a point of comparison.

Now TGA has so many ups and down sugar-coating that is pointless. But there are aspects I really loved about it. I will not deny the creative route and liberties they added especially for the last episode which I’m gonna concentrate more. After watching it, I was severely shocked and sad about how they end it. The last remaining episodes were somewhat canon. There were changes—expected changes—but they managed to deliver it even under limitations. I wouldn’t say successful but I think they still sent the message across. For what I’ve gathered, anime viewers fans while confused (because if I were the team I would have just eliminate those aspects that I know will have no time to expedite) were still satisfied by it.

What really tugged my heart was the ending and the person under that white cloth in the promotional image. I didn’t expect! Who would’ve thought? That didn’t come predictable; in fact it was the opposite of anticlimactic—so far from it. Everyone hunched was almost the same person, but who could’ve guessed that it was just a red herring and Kaneki was going to hold someone we all know cared for him for such a long time—from the very beginning.

When Unravel played in the background while Kaneki carrying this person was such a sorrowful & powerful moment for me. The way it also showed the aftermath of battle made me asked who are the real losers and winners of this battle. The very question that was raised by a CCG investigator in the manga. And speaking of which, this is what we didn’t get to see in the last chapter. Even just a glimpse, to see both side lost someone had spoken volumes on what kind situation they were really in.

It raised questions, it had me hoping for S3 but at the same time I don’t. I’m not against the idea but it’s too early. I’m contended with the OVA for Tokyo Ghoul Jack. I think they should concentrate with that first.