Ok, as promise, here’s my final say about the Tokyo Ghoul anime. I’m still lamenting over the sudden ending and still hoping for the sequel, with my fingers now crooked from perpetual crossing. I just hope something good came out of this. I’m still positive that there’s something in store for us…at least something.

I think, everything has been said about the anime and manga comparison. It was rushed, butchered and heavily censored. I also complained about it, week after week. It was a shame because what Tokyo Ghoul excels was in those little details and how it tied in the future events. The author, Sui Ishida is cunning man. He left message, concealed details. That said, it is what makes it good for me. It was like challenge, he leaves clue, and then I think what it means. I also love the TG community and how elaborate their discussions. I love reading their thoughts and I learned more and more about this wonderful series.

But in all honesty, I think the anime wasn’t all that bad as other people thought it was. At the end of the day they still managed to bring Kaneki and his “tragic” story in a nutshell. It aroused curiosity and many people became aware of the manga. I, for one, started reading it after the first two and I must say great episodes of the series (with that last episode as one of the best). So I guess, it brought something good.

As a standalone series, or as a separate entity, Tokyo Ghoul anime has quality. If I don’t know the exact events, I would have loved it more than I already did. I am manga reader and despite everything, I still enjoyed the anime because it tried its best to showcase the relevant events that happened in the story with only limited time. But did I wish it was more than 12 episodes? Yes, so they can show it properly. But I didn’t oppose all the changes their made. Like reversing Gourmet arc with Hinami arc. I think it was technically right decision because as a viewer, it was too early to show the series’ opposing side. In that way it shows that there is an internal conflict even within the ghoul community. Plus, the omakes were spot on, I loved it.

I think every TG fans already saw that ANN article about the new season that was supposed to premier in January (although it was removed). I’m still…hopeful? And at the same time doubtful, while I liked the first season, it goes without saying that plenty were sacrificed but if this season is a salvation and they will  make enough episodes to show the remaining events then I’ll gladly embrace the second season in a heartbeat! I’m so ready for badass Kaneki. And if the last episode was an indication; the potential was promising.

Was it bad? Nope. Was it great? Nope. I’m torn because I enjoyed it, all awhile sad for what was left out. They filtered those bits and just used on what were big enough to leave an impact. As I said, numerous times, I’m a fan of those small details and this is what left me a bit disappointed.