❶ I love biscuits & wafers~ ❷ Stationary section (AKA the school supplies) makes me happy, journal, pens, markers, stickers—the whole nine yards! ❸ Reading of course! I’m obsessed with reading, be it graphic novels like manga & webtoons or books! ❹ Ice cream! This tropical island dweller loves her ice cream. ❺ Tea! Green, milk, hot or cold, name it I love it! ❻Travelling but I’m dirt poor so I can only do that one country/year! I started in 2013! ❼ Web design and development, my aesthetics is clean and girly! | Graphics provided by twilightmoon from vecteezy

First things first, and welcome to my blog! You have decided to check this page ‘cos curiosity got into you and you want to know more about this blog…and maybe me! Sure you do! Anyway, with many reincarnations (perhaps many more to come, I’m quiet spontaneous)—this blog has transitioned into many things, guise under several names but it’s just simply hobbyist or personal blog, where I can freely talk about my interest! Interest ranges from anime + manga, books, webtoons, cute stuff and the lot! Again, fickle-minded!! #sorryiamnotsorry

The Blog!

I’m an internet drifter since my mid-teens, jumping from one online passion to another until I stumbled across blogging. It all started one night in 2010 when I decided to create a hidden personal blog. Nothing fancy, just installed WP and tweaked it a bit, and blogged things that interest me then. And then it happened I became a bookworm, and my little personal blog had (without me realizing it) morphed into something different—something super bookish! I scrapped all my blog posts and transformed it to book blog. My launch was a success and I managed to keep that for few years until another surprise happened—I reconnected with my old passion: anime + manga! And because of that my blog was placed in a limbo. But the many years of word vomit I had already invested in my blog, I decided to continue it under a new name, and also with not-so new interests mixed in! But tbqh it was semi roller-coaster…the transition wasn’t as smooth as I hoped but over a year later I got my groove, but I’m not in love with the name anymore. I tend to be very fickle-minded when it comes to my web projects…particularly names!

I’ll still continue what I already started before, hopefully this time more organized and much, much passion! Because one thing never changed, I’m a huge fangirl! ‘FANGIRL LIFE IS THE LYF!!!’

The Blogger!

Aw~ shocks, you wanna know about me! Since I’m in the mood to talk about myself, I let you into many not-so secrets, secrets about me! First, hello I’m Mitchii—it’s an online nickname, yes. I’m failed psychologist, frustrated educator also hustling as front-end developer/designer  hailing from densely populated city of Manila in South East Asia. I’m night owl and color pink advocate who drinks gallons of tea every day! (Kidding, but I drink a lot of tea! ) I turned 30 last year (time of writing June 2017), and yes I’m old AF (thankfully dons a baby face…but still immature in many ways)! Also an anime watcher, serial manga and webtoons reader and whenever the mood strikes watch documentaries and study languages (mostly 日本語 (まだまだだね) & 한국어 (어렵네 *으앙*)—for literary consumption purposes only ) or sometimes do fan translation (Japanese to English) of my favorite shoujo manga (it helps me learn! And no, I won’t tell you my alias!)

Jill of all trades! And proud!
I consider myself a jill of all trades, as in the whole version of the saying—a jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one. I can easily immerse myself in different things: music, technology, arts and such and such but I don’t go all full blown into it. I think I do well once I started but rarely reached mastery level! But I’m consistent, I don’t easily let go even if the learning curve is pretty darn slow!
I love emojis and emoticons—I speak the language!
No seriously, I love emojis, I always incorporate it in my posts, which to some may read childish and unprofessional—not that I care! Also emdash almost rival (but not really) the regularity of emojis in my post! I also have knack at side commenting via parenthesis. Yes, that’s my blogging/writing style! Now you know!
I’m too shy for comfort!
I’m super shy, I mean extremely introverted. If ever we see each other offline and I don’t speak to you, please don’t take it personally. I just don’t know how to approach you and my social skills needs a ton of polishing. But I’m very outspoken though once I get to know you & gotten closer! Ask my friends and my sisters—they can vouch how talkative I can be (I mean, it’s pretty obvious with how I managed to write this long ass about me page). *smirk*