About me: revised

Faiery is a blog of a pint-size human who loves anything fiction and unabashedly rambles about it; and/or some other stuff rummaging her head 24/7. This blog is her private hub created to serve as an outlet where she can freely fangirl to her heart’s content.~

The Blogger!

Aw~ shocks, you wanna know about me! Since I’m in the mood to talk about myself, I let you into many not-so secrets, secrets about me! First, hello I’m Mitchii—it’s an online nickname, yes, hailing from densely populated city of Manila in South East Asia. I’m a front-end designer/developer with intense passion for reading graphic novels! I’m sleepy head, color pink advocate who drinks every variety of tea she can find in her cupboard! (Kidding, but I drink a lot of tea! ) I turned 30 last year (time of writing June 2017), and yes I’m old AF (thankfully dons a baby face…but still immature in many ways)! Also an anime watcher, serial manga and webtoons reader and whenever the mood strikes watch documentaries and study languages (mostly & 한국어 (어렵네 *으앙*)—for literary consumption purposes only ) or sometimes do fan translation (Japanese to English) of my favorite shoujo manga (it helps me learn! And no, I won’t tell you my alias!)

Jill of all trades! And proud!
I consider myself a jill of all trades, as in the whole version of the saying—a jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one. I can easily immerse myself in different things: music, technology, arts and such and such but I don’t go all full blown into it. I think I do well once I started but rarely reached mastery level! But I’m consistent even if the learning curve is pretty darn slow!

I love emojis and emoticons—I speak the language!
No seriously, I love emojis, I always incorporate it in my posts, which to some may read childish and unprofessional—not that I care! Also emdash almost rival (but not really) the regularity of emojis in my post! I also have knack at side commenting via parenthesis. Yes, that’s my blogging/writing style! Now you know!

I’m too shy for comfort!
I’m super shy, I mean extremely introverted. If ever we see each other offline and I don’t speak to you, please don’t take it personally. I just don’t know how to approach you and my social skills needs a ton of polishing. But I’m very outspoken though once I get to know you & gotten closer! It is why I love blogging ‘cos despite my shyness I’m able to express my self through writing!

I’m a big dreamer but at the same time a huuuuge procrastinator!
I’m all about planning BUT!!! When it comes to execution this is where it all crumbles down…and it didn’t help I have (partially self-diagnosed but given I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology I think it’s very likely) that I have anxiety disorder so when initial stages don’t pan out as I have imagined—I quit!!!

This blog is just one of the millions upon millions of blogs you can find anywhere online. I talk about lots of things here but predominantly concentrate on my main hobby which is reading. I love submerging myself in stories far from my reality!

The Blog

I’m an internet drifter since my mid-teens (like 2003-ish), jumping from one online passion to another until I stumbled across blogging. It started as a personal blog in 2010 then became a book blog for a good amount of years then become a fiction centric blog in 2015 (literature in the form of books and graphic novels) then became a personal blog again. *wipes sweat* yep, that many! I have come full circle! But one thing remains is that my love for blogging grows every year that I keep this little space of mine.

I used to be a HUGE bookworm (I mean, book—more precisely young adult books) but the interest dwindled when I reunited with my first love which are anime and manga (more on the latter)! So that’s what I primary blog about!!! Occasionally I also talk about my personal stuff like my life as a blogger, my once in a blue moon travels and other fandom related stuff!

For complete blog credits please check my RESOURCE PAGE instead. I put all the links of the web materials I used in this blog! This blog was designed and developed by me. Yes, in other words I made it from scratch, I handcoded this myself I didn’t use a framework or WYSWYG builder, just my own two hands and very reliable Notepad++.