About me: revised
Faiery is just one of the millions upon millions of blogs you can find anywhere online. I talk about lots of things here but predominantly concentrate on my main hobby which is reading. I love submerging myself in stories far from my reality!

The Blog

I’m an internet drifter since 2000s jumping from one online passion to another until I stumbled across WordPress (but I have kept some personal sites in some places then move to livejournal then here). It started as a personal blog then became a book blog for a good amount of years then transformed again into fiction centric blog (literature in the form of books and graphic novels) and finally returned to personal blog once more. *wipes sweat* yep, that many! I have come full circle! But one thing remains is that my love for blogging grows every year that I keep this little space of mine.

Mitchii a pint-size human who loves anything fiction and unabashedly rambles about it. She also talks about other stuff rummaging her head 24/7. She loves reading and ship character pairings. She created this space as a private hub where she can freely fangirl to her heart’s content.

The Blogger

, the name’s Mitchii an online nickname that I’ve been donning since the dial up days. I’m hailing from the densely populated city of Manila somewhere in Asia. Former Guidance Teacher, I’m now a full-time front-end developer. Aside from web design, I also love to travel although I’m broke (so still hire me for commissions~), but my blog is centered around one of my greatest passions in life—READING! I read tons of stuff. I started with manga, then books and then webtoons. I excessively adore the color pink. Gulps unnecessary cups of tea per day. Sneak ins some nap after work then do some other hobbies during the weekends like translating ( to ENG in order to polish my language studies) and yes, blogging. Blogging about things I love is cathartic as it is entertaining! That’s all,

For complete blog credits please check my RESOURCE PAGE instead. I put all the links of the web materials I used in this blog! This blog was designed and developed by me. Yes, in other words I made it from scratch, I handcoded this myself I didn’t use a framework or WYSWYG builder, just my own two hands and very reliable Notepad++.