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Setting up new goals for the coming new year is...


Setting up new goals for the coming new year is both exhilarating & nerve-wracking. Giving yourself another chance to start with a clean slate is really encouraging but I still feel anxious about it, haha (like when did I not?). Of course every time I set these goals I always get back to what I wrote the last year, to check if I did them the way I wanted it. And while it was a shaky process I believe I ticked most of the things off my list.

I managed to accomplish my reading goal (although I did cheat on it by adding graphic novels, sssshhhhh! don’t tell!). But wait a minute, if you think about it, it can be easily associated to my other goal which was to try different genre/s. Most of the graphic novels I added were not Japanese in origin. And as I said before, I was a manga elitist, but I threw that label out and indulged myself to other stuff and lo behold my love for East Asian graphic novels had emerged. I’m not boxing my reading preferences to JP graphic novels anymore and that was a good thing that came out of it (besides meeting my reading goals obviously).

I still need to work on that ‘being outgoing’ but I think I more open that I was before (well, I think I am!)

Now, in less than 2 weeks we’ll be welcoming 2016, so I guess I should share to you all my newest bookish/fannish/blogging goals!

Beat my 2015 reading goals!

61 are very few with all those potentially good books that came out. I want to beat that number and this time to read as much books in my TBR as I could. I feel so guilty of not reading them & not because it has something to do with blogging or reviewing but just for being a so called bibliophile that makes me feel remorse, LOL.

Be more efficient!

I used to be the type of blogger who published her post the minute she thought about it. Well, it worked for me and it relieved the stress off from this hobby. However I think it’s more efficient if I take down notes on topics I want to post. I’m now doing it and it actually a big help! I don’t want to change my style completely but I think it’ll help me a lot if I managed my posts as much as possible.

Managed my reading!

Though my reading challenge looked pathetic; I, in fact, still read—just manga though. I read many manga this year. Stuff I don’t normally read and end up loving. I spent most of my free time reading manga or re-reading favorites (that were still manga) which as you can see is very counterproductive. I need to learn to use my time wisely, and spread it evenly so I get to enjoy both! (Especially now I picked up new hobbies too *winks*)

Be friendlier & outgoing?

Same as always but I ultimately failed every time. I’m very, very much introvert. I’m very anxious around people. But I want to gain more friends. I realized most of the blogs I follow either quit, on hiatus or move to other endeavors. I need new bookish friends. I want otaku friends as well. Or just a new friend would be nice! 558246apx4o99pxy I might act like a snob but I’m just too nervous to strike up conversation. But I don’t bite, promise~ So tweet me, friend me on IG or anywhere I am on the webs!


I always put this on my list because it always should be like this. Now that I enter my 6th year of blogging, this reminder proves to me that as long as you enjoy what you do you’ll sustain it because of the joy it brings to you! So yeah, I’ll enjoy this! I love blogging! I love reading! I love what I do! xD

Have you already prepared your bookish/blogging goals for 2016? What are those? Do we share the same goals? Please share it with me, I love to hear it! <3421172qn634znoxd

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