I love princess stories but not your average one where these princess is just on the lookout for her prince charming! I want ones that have solid plots! I want a story of a girl that stands her ground! That she is capable of fighting for herself. I also prefer if her prince isn’t just pretty guy riding his ever cliché elegant white horse (not there’s something wrong with those—just ain’t my type!) I want who’s strong both emotionally and physically so both of them together become each others strength!

So today I’ll share you my favorite royal gals who are so kick-ass that you should y’all be reading by now! Actually these three share similar unfortunate life situations. But even face with hardships they weren’t the type to back down! And that’s what I love about them!

princess yona

Yona ∙ (Akatsuki no Yona) ∙   暁のヨナ∙ I think I rec this series plenty enough times but I just have to include her again in this list because it was her character that inspired me to write this post! As my rec post already said, she was banished princess that chased away along with her ever faithful bodyguard, Hak from Shiryuu castle. Now that she’s outside of the comfort of her royal life, her eyes were opened at the harsh condition of her country. What I liked about it that Yona as the story progressed wasn’t so definite on revenge, but in fact looking for ways to help out the country on her own ways—which I think is far more important that chasing vengeance to the guy who took her father’s life and stripped her away of her noble privileges.

She decided to pick a weapon (a bow & arrow) and learn to fight, even if this is against her late father’s philosophy. The tremendous growth of Yona: from naïve princess to mature lady aware of the harsh reality of life is what make me hook to story chapter after chapter!

Chang Ge

Chang Ge ∙ Chang Ge Xing ∙ 長歌行 ∙ 长歌行 ∙ Like Yona, her father was murdered by his very own uncle. Now, with her brilliant military skills, she aided a province on fighting off Turk invasion. From there she met people of different class and of different cultures but most importantly she learned more about herself. There so many political plot points in the story even I myself admittedly am confused. (China’s history is very profound, although Chang Ge’s story revolving I think around Tang Dynasty only). But like our first princess, she was also evicted from the palace rather aggressively. Losing her family, you would understand why she was determined to achieve her revenge. But the people she met kinda molded her perspective that was then grounded simply by revenge. I wouldn’t say that Chang Ge is a changed woman entirely now because honestly I loved her character is very flawed & very gray. She’s not your normal princess, her morale is not bound by your average righteousness but that’s because she’s a person driven by logic! And that’s what I loved about her!

This series has very, VERY minimal romance. But I’m pretty happy that the author sprinkled this and that! I love Ashina Sun, he was haughty leader of the Turk but he’s really a loyal guy! I loved their promise to each other—they have their backs if the time comes when they don’t have place anymore (I don’t know about you guys, it sounded sweeter than your usual “I love yous.”

Princess Aki

Aki ∙ (Joou no Hana) ∙ 女王の花 ∙ I already have long first impression written before, you can read it if you want the gist of the story. She was a princess but she didn’t receive any royal treatment despite her position. They used her mother’s illness and she was pushed to the limit, until the very person that keep her going on was forcibly brutally removed from her side! Now without her mother, they banished her. She was originally born from a political marriage, now deprived of place she offered herself to her mother’s family’s kingdom as a hostage.

Like the two princesses above, Aki also has loyal guard/friend by her side. Hakusei, a person with beautiful blue eyes vowed to protect her at all cost.

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