Fiction / I really don't pay attention to other's people preference, I only mind my own!

Back when I was in my bookish persona, I tend to skip anime channels to my late father’s surprise. He got used to me flipping between music or anime shows. But I didn’t watch anime or read manga back then, I solely focused on reading book (which makes me think that it’ll come back eventually it’s just no wow book has ever captured me right now. And yes, not without lack of trying.)

Well, fast forward today I’m still this old woman still love reading shoujo manga, rooting for shonen protagonist with their hopes and dreams and loves watching anime! While there are evidently changed in how I consumed and support my faves, I still defend my entertainment choices.

I don’t really care about other’s opinions on what I read or watch! Likewise I don’t pay much attention to what’s people choice of entertainment. I’m big advocate of what-float-your-boat mindset. So when I read elitist people belittle adults reading YA or grown-ass human like myself still getting hook on their new anime shows, manga or just anything geared toward younger demographics, I just roll my eyes. Well, I just simply don’t care.  Their opinions in the long run are just their opinion. There’s no harm done getting yourself entertained by these! So why would I deprive myself of the entertainment I think worth investing my time with. In short, I will never do that to myself just for the front!

There are many people who have started since they were kids and have grandchildren and love the same things! Sometime we value too much of what others think of us rather than what we think it’s good for us. It shouldn’t be that way!  At least I will never pretend to like those things that I just don’t! Do I really need to appropriate my age to the entertainment I consume? Is this how things should work? Can you let people like what they like. I want the best of both worlds as an adult! What I like is what I like. What I don’t is what I don’t. Simple? Yeah, it’s just that we complicate things a bit too much!

So whether this manga has 16 year old hero who dreams to be a sorcery emperor (time of writing: I just finished catching up with the latest chapter of Black Clover) or an adult crime series—it really doesn’t matter. I ain’t old for these things! I read, watch what I like and my age doesn’t matter!