Author: Gena Showalter
Series: (White Rabbit Chronicles #1)
Published: September 25th 2012
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Categories: Paranormal, Retelling

Yet another classic novel I haven’t read and I shamelessly called myself a bookworm. Le sigh. Yes, good folks I haven’t read Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece that is Alice in Wonderland so I don’t have anything to say if this one’s a good retelling or not. But I heard that this book has little to no connection to the original and I’m taking their word for it. But here’s a disclosure worth mentioning (I think), this isn’t my first Gena Sholwalter’s book. I read her other YA series, Intertwined and I kinda liked the book. So I’m greatly confused why I ended up not liking this book. I don’t think it’s my book slump that caused it. I’m quite sure I’ve moved past that stage already.

I’m uncertain whether to take my lack of familiarity with original story a positive thing. All I got from this book is all average. Average plot. Average characters. Average romance. Yes, for most parts, this book screamed cliché and it is not a good time for this tiring thing, as me old self is seeking something really new. Is that asking too much? Or if it really is something unattainable nowadays, I just want something…interesting. Even just a little bit. Sad to say I don’t have any praises for this book but that doesn’t mean it was horrible. But I really think I have read this story over and over again. Redefined some aspects but still came out unoriginal. What completely saddened me is that up until the end I didn’t get anything from it. The little twist with the zombies is a nice touch but not enough to save my little impression of the entire story.

So what’s left to discuss? The characters? Well, Ali is just an ‘ok’ protagonist and if you’re tired with another ya-herione prototype then you wouldn’t be a fan of Ali. That saying, she had some nice parts that I liked…admired but she did succeed flipping me out occasionally. And that certain occasions had all to do with her love interest. Cole Holland, that is his name.

Some authors crafted this bad boy type triumphantly. I think Mafi’s Warner of Shatter Me top my list (and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with me reading Destroy Me recently). What works for me is that Mafi added a new flavor, a really unique aspect that is totally his own. Cole, on the other hand shares the same qualities…formulaic qualities that left me unimpressed. It also added to his not endearing abilities is his jackass personality. There is bad and there’s douchebaggery.

The moment our eyes met, the moisture in my mouth dried up and I lost focus of my surroundings. He was all that I could see, all that I wanted to see. And in the span of a single second we were no longer across the hall from each other—

—we were pressed together, his arms wrapped around me, my arms wrapped around him, and we were kissing.

They’ve just met, and that (above) is her fantasy. Of him. So you probably have guessed that I AM NOT FAN OF THE ROMANCE OF THIS BOOK! I don’t want to prolong this review, so let’s leave it that way.

I’m not even adding the AiW aspect to the wound but I’m hurting all over. I’m so disappointed because even though I haven’t read the original I’m expecting a bit from it. But all I got is a frown on my face and lots of questions I rather not know the answers.