Title: All You Desire
Author: Kirsten Miller
Series: (Eternal Ones #2)
Published: August 9th 2011 by Razorbill

It took me longer than I thought, but no worries, I loved every minute of it. I have read positive reviews stating that this book bested its prequel. And they were right, it is down right awesome. I like twist and turn the author put in the story. It’s a play of who should I (we, readers) believe. I was really confused (in a good way) I wanted to know what happened, who’s the culprit and the whys. It was one hell of a page turner, I kid you not. I just see myself devouring every thing this book had offered. And I was graciously savoring it. Hell, yeah it was so good.

I left last night leaving a comment of anxiously waiting for Adam’s reappearance. I know he’s the bad guy here, but man, I didn’t see it coming. The redemption of his character was fired in full blast. I just can’t help falling in love with the guy. I know there’s something with Adam that left me so curious (interested in that matter) when the first book ended. And this book proved me of it. I’m not really much of a villain person, but I ended up liking Adam. There’s so much going on with him beyond the surface, which left me hanging my mouth, gasping and completely shocked. So a tip to people who’ll read it (who like the first one) hold on tight because there’s a lot of things revealed here that will push you at the edge of your seat.

I like Haven here, some people says she finally grow a pair, others said she’s too gullible for her own good. But for me, it’s a mixed of those two. But can’t blame her, with information throwing at him from conflicting parties, I can’t help but to wonder, to trust my instinct and rely on my own observation. She wasn’t completely strong enough in my watch (not yet), but she’s definitely a better character than she was in the in The Eternal Ones. Sadly Iain left little impression on me, I know he’s working behind and he did things to save the day. But … I don’t know, it wasn’t enough for me. I liked him better in the first book. Now that his celebrity status, influence and money stripped off of him, the charisma of his character kinda dragged down a bit. But I still like him, though there’s something he did that I find reckless. But he made amends, he was the one (at least his way) was the reason why Beau was found.

You know, I hope this is how Passion (by Lauren Kate) should be. I like how the reincarnation theme was explored in this book. While this book has reincarnation as its theme, it wasn’t its only focus. The back story, or should I say previous lives of the characters are important but it is a means to an end. Reincarnation is part of the book, not THE book. The memories of their previous lives was mentioned because it was imperative to know, not because it’s a way to show that they REALLY are reincarnated (yes, I’m talking about Luce here). I also like that Iain and Haven’s relationship is fragile. They loved each other lifetime after lifetime, but indecision, trust and other things are still in the way of their relationship. This for me is much more realistic, because even with two thousand years of history is not enough to make them (their relationship) solid as a rock. They are humans after all (even with an eternal soul) Conflicts are always a part of it.

I love the first book but this one is really, really good. I have no— ok, my only complain was the book’s size, it was humongous, like Britannica encyclopedia huge. That aside, there’s nothing much I can complain, a little this and a little that, but overall, I was super satisfied. And the ending, yeah *nods… then grins* I was craving for the third book already. So, so good. I absolutely in love with it! Full five stars!