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Author:  Jennifer Rush Series: (Altered #1) Published: January 1st 2013...

alteredAuthor:  Jennifer Rush
Series: (Altered #1)
Published: January 1st 2013
Publisher: Little, Brown & Co.
Categories: Fantasy, Science Fiction

I have to admit that this one is entirely my fault. Normally I would have loved it because everything I want in a YA sci-fi novel is here. Plus the inevitable romance which is always a part of the YA package. You know me needs some lovin’. I got those plus more, but my sorry state of mind that day couldn’t process the awesome bits this book offers. This utterly disappoints me since I want to be one of those reviewers who end up loving this book. I want to write a positive one but alas, I can’t because I wasn’t into it as I hoped.

Now if you’re asking what went wrong, admittedly I don’t have concrete answers. But maybe I wasn’t into the genre as of now. If you noticed the books I read as of the moment I’m seriously digging indie new adult and adult books. Maybe this isn’t the high time venturing to these types because my mind wouldn’t enjoy it. That’s what I think is the reasons why I didn’t completely love it.

I gave it two stars and that means I like it. I did like it. Logically speaking I like the concept of the book. It was refreshing take on what I think is young adult version of bourne identity-esque story. Anna is the protagonist of the story, she knows about a few things about her father’s work especially about the boys. She became friends with them: Trav, Nick, Cas and Sam—the most special among them because she fell in love with him. But these boys are not just ordinary people they are genetically altered human. But for some reason they need to escape and when they were out they tried to put together pieces of their memories and mystery about their past. But it’s not only about them, because Anna also found an integral detail about her life.

Sounds awesome, right? There’s action there, some suspense and bit of mystery as they pieced the information they gathered.  Of course there’s romance, obviously Anna adores Sam. He’s probably the huge reason why she visited them at the lab. But like the rest of the book, I’m not quite fond of their bond or their relationship. It was ok, I see why she likes him and the romance was tastefully done but I just couldn’t connect my emotions and the book (including the characters). It’s like how I felt with Elemental series. I was ‘well, this is awesome but how come I didn’t like it?” It made me seriously doubt my ability to process and appreciate a good book.

But unlike the Elemental series, I did finish it so perhaps in some unknown reason we did synch in a bit because I was interested enough to see how it ends. And I kind of like how it ends, it just that…well, it was, yes pun intended didn’t alter my view about the entire thing. So I think it is with finality that I will not read the sequel despite the ‘oh my gosh’ moment in the end. I’m pretty sure I would have forgotten the story (which is already fading in my mind as of speaking) by the time the sequel is out.  But good for you people who love it, like I said earlier I envy you guys for loving the book I desire to love.

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